Soft Target

Season 2, Ep 6, Aired 11/4/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Don and his team are summoned to locate the person who released potentially lethal gas in the city's subway system.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Don McGill

  • Andy Wolk

  • Alimi Ballard

    David Sinclair

  • David Krumholtz

    Charlie Eppes

  • Diane Farr

    Megan Reeves

  • Fan Reviews (11)
  • Not exciting...

    By gopink, Nov 27, 2007

  • This episode is, unfortunately, the fare fed to civilian audiences which improperly leads the ignorant to anti-military sentiments. It was difficult to find anything accurate to redeem this entertaining voyage into fantasyland.

    By Drawer22, Sep 30, 2009

  • Hello

    By ferriswheel01, Feb 11, 2008

  • Didn't really add up ...!!

    By JaneDoe2007, Jun 19, 2007

  • Review

    By cavanagh15, Feb 24, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (13)

    • Don: I want to stop something terrible from happening, I don't wanna have to clean up afterwards.

    • Megan: You don't think a bomb is enough of a good motivator? Don: What part of his personality says he can take a suggestion?

    • Charlie: And just think how happy Dad would be if one of us married a doctor. Don: I think he'd be happy if I married someone with a pulse. Charlie: At this point? Don: Yeah.

    • Larry: None of this explains why I always get stuck sitting between the great-aunts and the cigar smoking cousins.

    • Don: Oh, see, I'm sorry. I didn't realize the FBI takes orders from Homeland Security.

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    Notes (4)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Jednoduchý cíl (Easy Target)

    • International Airdates: Czech Republic: May 25, 2009 on TV Nova Slovakia: November 3, 2009 on JOJ

    • When Charlie and Larry are trying to pull the car with the remote-control vehicle, the car is seen starting to move in a close-up shot. Then the shot changes to further out and the car is stationary and begins to move a second time.

    • This episode is rated: TVPG-LV.

    Trivia (7)

    • Linear discriminant analysis (LDA), is sometimes referred to as Fisher's linear discriminant (although Fisher's original article The Use of Multiple Measures in Taxonomic Problems (1936) actually describes a slightly different discriminant, which does not make some of the assumptions of LDA such as normally distributed classes or equal class covariances). LDA is typically used as a feature extraction step before classification.

    • The MATH: Percolation theory: In mathematics, percolation theory describes the behavior of connected clusters in a random graph.

    • The opening scene in the L.A. subway was filmed from midnight to 6 a.m. in the morning.

    • Larry (to Charlie): Do you know anything about phosgene gas? Phosgene is a major industrial chemical used to make plastics and pesticides. It was also among the first and most potent chemical weapons used in the first world war, being responsible for the major part of the 85,000 soldiers who died due to chemical warfare in this war.

    • Don and Charlie are supposed to be five years apart. They both graduated from high school in the same year when Don was 18 and Charlie was 13.

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    Allusions (1)

    • James Grace: To stop the drills now... it's like turning the Titantic. Alluding to the theory that had the Titanic hit the iceberg head on, rather than turning, it would have sustained a great deal less damage, and possibly been able to remain afloat.

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