Fish Out of Water

Season 12, Ep 2, Aired 9/28/04
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  • Sipowicz arrives at the scene of the homicide of a pregnant 18-year-old. According to a uniform, Clark is already on the scene but asleep in his car waiting for the others to arrive. Ortiz and Murphy arrive, followed by Bale who wants all of the detectives to confer before they begin their canvas. Sipowicz covers for Clark, but then goes to give him a rude awakening. Back at the squad, Sipowicz notices that his fish are listing at the bottom of their tank. Sipowicz and Clark are going off to follow up on lead and Bale reiterates to the detectives that he wants to know everything going on with their cases, "up to the minute." Sipowicz informs him about his fish. Jones and Medavoy go to the scene of a robbery, where the thief stole her grandmother's diamond ring. When asked who else knew about the ring, the victim, Lorraine Stuval, says she was the only one. Her husband, Leon Belkin, an ex-con released six months ago, couldn't have had anything to do with it. The detectives decide they need to have a talk with him and ask where they might be able to find him. Sipowicz and Clark talk with the man who left the message on their victim's answering machine. They find out that he and his wife were planning on adopting their victim's baby when it was born on an unofficial basis. Clark comments that the man is a "scumbag." He tells them about Steve McClintock, the man who arranged the adoption. Outside the interview room, Sipowicz confronts Clark about his recent behavior and how (despite what Clark says) he thinks is beginning to affect his performance on the job. Clark of course disagrees and tells Sipowicz to go conduct his interview how he wants. Jones and Medavoy talk with Leon Belkin and he denies having any knowledge of his wife even having a diamond ring. They ask him about his friend Joe Hess, another ex-con who he had recently been in contact with. Sipowicz and Clark talk with the McClintock. Despite the fact that McClintock is in the midst of a procedure, they decide it would be better to talk with the doctor back at the house. Back at the house Sipowicz finds out that his fish have begun listing, with an overdose of copper. Murphy and Ortiz find out that McClintock's girlfriend, Carly Landis is a nurse that occasionally does work at Rikers. This ties her to the victim and may indicate that she is working the adoption scam with McClintock. Sipowicz and Clark get ready to leave for Rikers, Bale reminds the detectives and threatens them with "a rip" the next time he has to be asked to be kept up to speed. Jones and Medavoy interview Leon Belkin's friend Joe Hess. Hess doesn't know anything about a robbery. After Hess talks a little smack, Jones starts to tune him up. Hess sticks to his story about knowing nothing. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Carly Landis, she tells what she knew about their victim and the red tape less path she and McClintock were working to help couples adopt babies. They decide they need to bring her in for further questioning. Lorraine Stuvle looks at and hears Joe Hess speak in a lineup, but she doesn't recognize him. Murphy and Ortiz report to Jones about a fingerprint hit from Lorraine Stuvle's apartment. That man is Lenny Kessler and they plan to go out and bring him in, but only after Murphy has felt Jones' arm and accuses him of eating too many Twinkies. Ortiz gives her a look that leads to another conversation about her flirting. Ortiz thinks it is going to eventually get her into trouble, whereas Murphy would rather take the chance of being "misinterpreted", rather than "walking around with a stick up her ass." Murphy and Ortiz go to Kessler's apartment, where they find him in the company of hookers with blow. Back at the squad, Sipowicz's fish are dying. He begins to think that the fish are the victim's of foul play from the person who has been stalking him. The names of Hatcher and Fraker are brought up as possible people from Sipowicz's recent past that might have something to do with the recent harassing. Since he wasn't up to speed and keeping with his promise, Bale gives Sipowicz and Clark a "one day rip" because he had to take a phone call from a woman, Pauline Weikel, about their case and he didn't know who she was or how she was involved in their ongoing investigation. Kessler tells Murphy and Ortiz that Lorraine Stuvle gave him the ring to hold onto and that she also had given him $300 for beating her up. He tells them that Stuvle has been miserable since her husband showed up, she was happier when he was behind bars. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Pauline Weikel who eventually tells them that she was working with McClintock in his adoption scheme. She also tells them that he had threatened her. They go back at McClintock, who tells them that Weikel was a woman who kept backing out of possible adoptions. McClintock sticks to his story of being with Carly Landis all of last night. Sipowicz and Clark go to report to Bale on where they are, and Bale is annoyed that they decided to go back and talk to McClintock without informing him first. Bale reminds them that the system has changed around here. They are going to go back and talk to Carly Landis. All of Sipowicz's fish are dead and Jones has provided Sipowicz with the location of Stan Hatcher's current job. Despite warnings from John Irvin about Bale's probably need to know that he is taking lost time. Sipowicz takes some unauthorized lost time (a two day rip) to seek out Stan Hatcher and confront him. Hatcher denies that he's had anything to do with the recent events at the precinct, but he takes delight in the fact that they are happening. Jones and Medavoy talk with Lorraine Stuvle about her collusion with Lenny Kessler. She does admit to it, but gives the reason for her behavior as her inability to deal with being married to an ex-con; when he was a convict everything worked out for the best. Sipowicz and Clark go back at Carly Landis. When they show her pictures of the victim, she relents and gives her boyfriend's alibi up. They go back at McClintock, but he continues to deny his involvement. He doesn't believe they have any physical evidence tying him to the crime. Jones and Medavoy let Leon Belkin go, but Belkin will now find himself out on the street, since his wife will be doing time and probably not letting him stay in her apartment. Ortiz comments on Murphy's good work with Kessler and tries to make some amends. Carly Landis finishes her statement and asks Clark for a ride home. After she leaves Sipowicz advises him that he should drop her off and leave right away. He thinks she is more involved in the case than she is saying. Clark is annoyed that Sipowicz even thinks it necessary for him to tell him that. Clark gives her that ride home and accompanies her home, where contrary to the advice given to him by his partner, he gives in to temptation and gets involved with someone from his case. When Bale is leaving for the night, he and Sipowicz exchange a few more words that only deepen the adversarial relationship that's developed between them.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Dennis Franz

    Det. (later Sgt.) Andy Sipowicz

  • Gordon Clapp

    Det. Greg Medavoy [ season 2+, recurring season 1 ]

  • Bill Brochtrup

    PAA John Irvin [ episode 123+, recurring seasons 2 – 6 ]

  • Bonnie Somerville

    Det. Laura Murphy [ season 12 ]

  • Mark-Paul Gosselaar

    Det. John Clark Jr. [ season 9+ ]

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    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Ryby na suchu (Fish on Land)

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