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  • 9.5

    This show is about four kids in high school who have to deal with "The Weirdness."

    By Speckledorfed, Apr 02, 2011

    I remember when this show came out and I was hooked. It honestly wasn't too popular, probably because of the bad animation. Honestly, people need to learn that some of the best shows have some of the strangest animation. It was cancelled in the middle of the second season. (Sound familiar, anyone?) I remembered it when I was watching Making Fiends on The Click one day and saw that they had episodes up. I watched the two episodes that were online and thought it was pretty good. Kevin is definitely my favorite character on the show. He's always cracking me up! I'm going to give this old favorite of mine an A.moreless

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  • 9.3

    An animated comedy program about the lives of four teens with a twist-weird things happen in the town, O'Grady.

    By Angelic_Anime, Aug 30, 2008

    O'Grady a funny animated program, and another one of my favorite shows from Soup2Nuts. The main characters are four teens: somewhat vain Abby, her best friend, and environmentalist, Beth, slacker Kevin and his friend, "too much of a nice guy" Harold. It is basically an animated show involving the lives of typical issues high school teens go through.

    The thing that makes this show different is "The Weirdness". This could involve any thing, including people acting like cats, losing their memory at the sound of gongs and a yawn causing people to teleport.

    I love this show. It's very entertaining and amusing. It'd be nice if there were more episodes.moreless

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  • 10

    I love this show even though the cartooning are a bit of a lack! I just like it but i dosnt like it when people are watching it with me im like go away.I think they are sort of a copy cat of south park and the simpsons who cares.

    By gorobu, Apr 22, 2008

    Like I said before I think this show is great and a nonstop fun ride to the magical journey of funnyness. Its a guilty plesure to me because I fell guilty watching it when some people woul rather watch soccer *gag*! But you love o'grady you know you love this show than you have your reasons to watch this show right? I love the characters on the show expecialy beth I think she is funny and hilouraus*! *mispelled* I think that they will be on for a while. The show is about teenagers and all there problems its a gag. i saw the new episode Hilarious Funny. I think iris is a good and annoying character. I think they should have an episode of her by herself that would be funny yet strange but hey who cares. I like when all these weird thing happen on the show like with the remote controls that was funny yet annoying. The new season is happening now if you dont know like every friday a brand new episode. I think this season will be great but not as good as degrassi. Its like having a spoon of happiness in your mouth and spitting it out. I thought the episode that showed last friday was well done and good.The N is doing a good job and they should keep at it.moreless

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  • 10

    Kids in high school experience "The Weirdness."

    By Beastgirl2, Mar 22, 2008

    I miss this show. It was the funniest show on the-n! It was extremely creative, with all the strange things that would happen during the Weirdness, and all the hilarious social interactions it would bring about. My favorite interactions were those between Abby and Kevin, one of those love/hate relationships where they act like they hate each other but really they are attracted to each other. I am disappointed that this show is never on anymore, and I wish they would at least air reruns. I've heard that the people who worked on this show are working on other shows now, so I guess it's not coming back. :(moreless

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  • 10

    Four extremely witty friends deal with the odd happenings in their town and at school called the weirdness.

    By noonions, Aug 23, 2006

    I love O'Grady. It is one of the funniest shows on television; it's a shame that it is not more well known. Anybody know when season three comes out? There was some person who said this show was a waste of time...this is odd coming from a guy whose icon is Scooby Doo.

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  • 9.0

    Teens cope in a town that is afflicted by random and strange happenings.

    By lologrl201, Aug 02, 2006

    Funny but a definite acquired taste. The humor is subtle and different but the variation between the episodes gives a variety and leaves definite choice to find a \"favorite\" episode. They are very funny episodes and I like how they portray \"normal\" high school that most media shows only with the \"weirdness\". This is a great kill some time show. The animation makes it funny, because the transition from childrens shows (animation) to shows addressing teen issues about friends, relationships, and growing up. The sarcasm and the way that the characters make their jokes makes the show fun and interesting to watch.moreless

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    This Is A Great Show, But They Should Make More Episodes.........

    By in-correct, Jul 09, 2006

    I like "O'Grady", and anybody that like "Daria" and "Sheep In The Big City" will also like this show. It's about these kids that live in this town where there is The Wierdness, and they can't explain it. The Wierdness doesn't affect everybody in the same way. The exact opposite happens to Mr. Lipschitz, and it doesn't seem to affect Phillip at all. Just like there are funny things that happen in Daria and Sheep In The Big City, there are many funny things that also happen in O'Grady. Mr. Lipschitz is one example. He will try to break up an arguement by saying "Settle Down Class" "Settle Down" And then they start fighting and he says "Oh Lord" or that one time he said to Kevin "Good Job, Kevin. You Get An A." And Kevin says "Really?" and Mr. Lipschitz says "Uh, No." and it is so funny because Mr. Lipschitz talks in a monotone. It airs on "The-N" and it is currently the funniest show, and the best show that is on at that time. But they need to make more episodes of it. There should be a lot more.moreless

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  • 10

    Dude this so totally rocks imean its like-MEOW

    By tardisjunky, Jun 17, 2006

    so o'grady itself is a town just like all other towns except for 1 thing.the weirdness.the weirdness plagues all the people in o'grady but it mostly effects four teenagers Abby Kevin Beth and Harold.The weirdness represents that weird phase when your not really an adult but at the same time not a kid.Basically Kevin is a sneaky weasle and proud of it Harold is the good honest well meaning sorta guy Beth is sort of a buhdisst but can be materialistic at the same time and abby is all for mixed.then the best character in my opinion is iris a german exchange student who if you asked if she had a crush she would reply if ve restl i shall vin.this is a great show basically.moreless

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  • 1.0

    Like the headline says "Complete Waste of Time".

    By Brayden992, May 15, 2006

    I don't get this show and never will. It is so pointless. I will never ever watch this show again.

    Here's a basic summary from your's truly.

    Four kids that live in a town called O'Grady. The kids adapt to the so-called "Weirdness" that makes the town and people go "Weird".

    I only watched this because my friend said that it is better then a show called 6teen. Which is my favorite Animated show. And let me tell you 6teen is way better then O'Grady.

    This show should never have been put on TV because it gives animation shows a bad name.moreless

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