Omnibus (UK)

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Notes (4)

  • Amongst the non-professionals playing acting roles in this film are the painter Derek Boshier, the poet Christopher Logue (who later scripted Ken Russell's 1972 film "Savage Messiah") and Gala Mitchell, whom Russell characterised as "an authentic hippy". (He also claimed, years later, that she had been almost permanently in an LSD-induced state of hallucination throughout the filming.)

  • This was a re-worked adaptation of the earlier 'The Bright Arcade' from 1949.

  • Sir Georg Solti passed away before production of this episode was completed.

  • Thanks to : Rena Fruchter, Brian Dallow, Music For All Seasons, Martine Avenue Productions Inc. Rod Eddington, Peter Gordon, Douglas Hunt, Barbara Stevens, Lin Cook, James Moir, Alan Boyd, Andy Cheeseman.

Trivia (55)

  • The women playing Rossetti's models were not professional actresses, but were actually chosen because of their physical resemblance to the originals.

  • Mainly filmed in London and The Lake District.

  • The original Russian title of this film was 'Eskizy K Portretu Kompozitory' (Sketches For a Portrait of a Composer).

  • Alternative Title: Ralph Vaughan Williams: A Portrait of an English Composer.

  • Alternative Title: Aspects Of T.S. Eliot

  • Alternative Title: Man At The Met: Sir Rudolf Bing

  • Alternative Title: Sir Robert Helpmann

  • Alternative Title: Portrait of Fran├žois Truffaut

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