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    not that good

    By roswell4000, Sep 14, 2007

    this show suffers the same trappings as other reality shows. shows like amazing race or fear factor can beat on the lot in terms of watchability and quality. on the lot looks so promising with spielberg attached to it, but this show lacks the umph needed to make it a likable weekly series. the three judges are so annoying, once in awhile they bring in a star director, but that's all that interesting with it. the ryan seacrest like host is so annoying that it ruins the atmosphere of every episode. carrie fisher is like a donald clone, it feels like her reason being in this show is to emulate donald trump. the american idol look of the show is what's killing this show.moreless

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  • 7.4

    To make this show worth watching we need more originally created material and less talking heads.

    By brusso456, Aug 22, 2007

    my review

    the films created by the contestant director wannabees were fantastic, but the rest of the show is talking heads, in the last three episodes there were no new films, they just aired previously shown material. To make this show worth watching we need more originally created material and less talking heads. below is just filler to meet my 100 word minium review.

    this is a reality show that will give the winning director a job at dreamworks. The wannabe directors must compete in contests that focus on the skill's needed to be a good director. They then make short films and witch are reviewed by three directors. then the viewers are encouraged to call in and vote on the best film. the one with the lowest votes is eliminated fron the show ever episode until there is only one.moreless

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  • 7.2

    'On the Lot' had potential. I still enjoy watching the films. Everything else, however, seems... pointless.

    By JDKeilholz727, Aug 02, 2007

    I'm 16 years old, and I've been making films for about 4 years now. So when I heard about "On the Lot", I was very excited to check out the series. It was created by Steven Spielberg! It had to be good.

    The first episode was enjoyable. Chelsea Handler as host was excellent, and everything flowed very well. The next few weeks were still good. I enjoyed watching how the films came together, and I picked my favorites.

    Eventually, the live shows came. That's when the show began falling apart. It was too much like American Idol. I hate to say this, but the new host was extremely annoying, and I just lost attention after a few weeks.

    It also struck me as odd that the show was not in HD. You'd think it would be, considering the purpose of the show. So it seems to me that Fox didn't give it too much help in the beginning. In my opinion, the only reason the show is still on the air is because Steven Spielberg was partly behind it.

    Basically, I just lost interest. It wasn't fun anymore. I didn't have time for the show, and it just kind of died on me.

    I'm pretty sure this will be the final season for "On the Lot", unless they pull some pretty awesome ratings these last few episodes.moreless

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    By jessegrape, Jul 28, 2007

    Watching the commercials for this show looks so promising. I was so excited to see this show, since it looks as if I'm going to see something big. I felt this is the best reality show ever. Then the first episode came out. I was totally duped. This show was so boring. What I saw on the commercials for the show were deceiving, it's not that good at all. The host is terrible, the judges are terrible, even the show is terrible. There's nothing in it that made me want to see the next episode. This is awful, I'm not even going to watch the ending. The show is so bad, I don't even care who wins.moreless

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    Full of hype but low on content.

    By wolfbarn, Jul 26, 2007

    I was expecting so much from this show after all steven spielberg is a part of this show. but boy was i disappointed, spielberg is attached to on the lot just by name. Spielberg's creative artistry wasn't showing with this show, it was a Mark Burnett reality show. It's American Idol meets the apprentice. This show just doesn't cut it. The apprentice looks a lot better than this. Why did they come up with this show, it's so boring. If only I can take back the full hour that I lost for watching the premiere of this show, I would take it.moreless

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    It's a terrible show, why are people watching this?

    By LuckyEd, Jun 22, 2007

    Honestly, big names are attached to this bore-fest and it's a stain to their reputation. This lackluster film contest stretches time on the results show, and has NO TIME on the filmmakers and their struggles. Really, it would help a lot if there was any footage of the contestants, but instead they are forgetful and lacking any chance at a connection with the audience. The audience, though, shouldn't bother to stay anymore since this show has no skill at keeping one for the time that they have.moreless

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    Zach rocks, he is going all the way with his humble approach and

    tenacity. Vancouver is watching and rooting for him all the way.....

    By gundsedona, Jun 20, 2007

    Zach, you rocked the house tonight, kudos to ya. Don't go changing your humble approach and style, clearly you are on the right track and focused on your goal. Some of your competitors are perhaps reacting too quickly to the judges and taking their comments the wrong way but you seem to be above that and willing to learn from those that have 'been there done that', yet another admirable quality about you. Hollywood needs someone like you, you are gonna leave the rest in your dust, let's hope you don't forget the little people, i.e. your Vancouver fans who are cheering you on whole heartedly.......


    Kokopelli, a Vancouver fan : )moreless

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  • 6.6

    Had potential... fail at execution!

    By tragic_05, Jun 14, 2007

    The only reason I began watching this show was because I was ill and couldn't find the remote. Either I was to wound up from the cold medicine or my fever made me delerious but at the time I thought it really had potential to be good but it would need to find the right audience. With the decline in movie industry I think this show really came out at the wrong time. Maybe if this had come out a few years ago or even a few years in the future it would have had a chance but it has failed to catch my attention for anything more then a fleeting look as a pass by in my endless channel surfing ... and I really am a huge movie fan so I had such great hopes.moreless

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    I find myself wondering...WHY did I watch this overrated hollywood junk fest?

    By Fun4Us, Jun 13, 2007

    I find myself wondering...WHY did I watch this overrated hollywood junk fest? "Exit stage left" This show is all about simply indulging the hollywood "lovefest" with itself! I don't understand why if Steven Spielberg is looking for his next replacement, why then couldn't he just watch this junk and pick for himself. He is a great director, I trust his personal choice for successor. But maybe not his choice to air this waste of time.

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