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  • After the twelve 3-person teams screened their shorts and additional 12 directors were eliminated. At the end of the episode 24 were remaining.

  • The theme of this week's movies was "Comedy".

  • In the last episode we were told that the directors would make a one-scene film. Based on that film the field would be cut to 18. We never did get to see that process.

  • The top three directors and their movies were Zach Lipovsky (Danger Zone), Will Bigham (Lucky Penny) and Jason Epperson (Getta Rhoom).

  • The three directors that were cut were Carolina Zorrilla de San Martin, Claudia La Bianca and Phil Hawkins.

  • The five directors that presented movies were: Sam Friedlander - "Broken Pipe Dreams" Trever James - "Teri" Hilary Wiesman - "The First Time I Met The Finklesteins" Adam Stein - "Dough The Musical" Shalini Kantayya - "Laughing Out Loud - a comic journey"

  • After the fans voted on last week's movies, Trever James was eliminated from the show.

  • The five directors that premiered their movies were: Andrew Hunt (Polished) David May (Love At First Shot) Shira-Lee Shalit (Beeline) Marty Martin (Dance With The Devil) Kenny Luby (Edge On The End)

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Trivia (2)

  • Fourteen directors were released after the "Pitch" round.

  • In Hilary's movie, the wine changed from being white wine to being red wine.