On The Road With Austin & Santino

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  • Sadie: (on wearing heels) It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do

  • Donnie: (a rodeo clown) I wear makeup, tights and work at night. Austin: Me, too, sometimes.

  • Austin: (Watching Sadie ride her horse) There's something mythological about it: a woman and her beast.

  • Austin: I always wanted to live in a castle; I just never thought it'd be in Texas.

  • Santino: The last time I was in a castle? I don't know, White Castle?

  • Santino: Do you think we'll still be friends after this adventure? Austin

  • Austin: She's actually graduating with her Master's, which will make her a Captain and a master.

  • Austin: In my past life, I was definitely a Belle and wore a hoop skirt every day.

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