Once and Again

Moving On

Season 2, Ep 21, Aired 4/25/01
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  • Episode Description
  • Rick and his kids start to move their stuff to Lily's and Lily gets a call to sign the divorce papers. Carla tells Eli that she's not going back home because she's convinced that her parents hate her. So Eli asks Grace to ask Lily about staying at Lily's house. Eli gets his reply from the University of Illinois about admittance, and it's not good. Lily's hesitant about Carla staying with them. Eil tells his dad about the letter, at the dinner table, and neither one of them is happy now. Carla is worried that her plans to travel in Europe in the summer might not happen. Lily discovers medicine missing from her cabinet. Suspecting Carla, she goes to Carla's bag and finds them. Carla confesses to Rick about the pills. Lily goes to visit with Carla's stepmother and finds out some reasons for her problems. Carla tells Eli, in the middle of school, that she is leaving town immediately for Portland, Oregon. Eli says he wants to go with her. They plan to meet at the bus station that night. Rick finds out about the plan. He finds Eli at the bus station, still waiting for Carla. They get into a heated argument. Eli finds out that Carla left without him. To Rick's relief, Lily signs the divorce papers.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Shane West

    Eli Sammler

  • Sela Ward

    Lily Brooks Manning

  • Billy Campbell

    Rick Sammler

  • Susanna Thompson

    Karen Davies Sammler

  • Julia Whelan

    Grace Manning

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  • Quotes (7)

    • Eli: What makes you think you have the right to tell me anything? Rick: Because I am your father and I have lived longer than you have. Eli: Look how that turned out.

    • Rick: I have something I want to say to you and before you do anything I want you to hear me out. Eli: What makes you think I don't know everything you're going to say? Rick: Because I don't know what I'm going to say.

    • Carla: Your cat tried to scratch me. Grace: I don't have a cat.

    • Grace: What about graduation? Eli: What about it? Grace: Don't you care? Eli: Not a much as I do for Carla.

    • Carla: (to Eli) I don't think I would exist without you.

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    Notes (1)

    • Jeffrey R. Nordling (Jake Manning), Ever Carradine (Tiffany Porter), Jennifer Crystal Foley (Christie Parker) and David Clennon (Miles Drentell) do not appear in this episode.

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