Once and Again

The Second Time Around

Season 2, Ep 22, Aired 5/2/01
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  • Episode Description
  • As the wedding approaches, hardly anything is finalized. Lily's father appears to her in her dreams. He asks her to ask Jake "what's been lost". Grace gets a letter from Carla, who's living with her brother, saying that she misses Grace, but not Eli. Grace lies to Eli and says Carla does miss him. Rick finds out that he's really low on cash and his accountant asks about scaling back the wedding plans. "What's been lost" is Jake's restaurant. He tells Lily this when she goes to pick up the cocktail napkins. Judy finds out details about Will's past through Tiffany, like that he has a daughter he gave up for adoption. Disagreements about who's staying where and who's paying for what prompt Lily and Rick to call off the wedding. Eli finds Carla's letter. Jesse calls Karen to tell her that the wedding is back on, and Karen sheds a tear. Jesse knew that her mother was secretly hoping that Rick wouldn't go through with the wedding. Lily's mother surprises everyone by showing up. Lily sees her at the ceremony and is overjoyed. Will, it turns out is an ordained minister, so he performs the ceremony. Rick says his vows in Hebrew. Everything goes off without a hitch as Phil looks on...moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Shane West

    Eli Sammler

  • Sela Ward

    Lily Brooks Sammler

  • Billy Campbell

    Rick Sammler

  • Susanna Thompson

    Karen Davies Sammler

  • Julia Whelan

    Grace Manning

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  • All Coming Together

    By sh811a, Mar 16, 2007

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  • Quotes (14)

    • Tiffany: He seems like a super nice guy, super nice. Judy: He is, he's, um... Tiffany: I used to be the worst judge of people, like, if somebody, y'know, smiled at me I'd practically give them all of my money and move in with them, but he seems like an unusually nice person. Plus, he'd kinda cute.

    • Jessie: What's he saying? Zoe: Nobody knows, but it's Hebrew.

    • Lily: Be sure to eat something. Many hungry brides have been known to faint.

    • Grace: I'm all alone. Do you even realize that? Do you even know what that feels like? Lily: No, honey, I don't. I've always been too afraid to find out what that feels like. I'm so glad that you're not.

    • Zoe: I can't find my little mirror, and I really need it. Rick: This little mirror? Zoe: How did you know where it was? Rick: I don't know. Zoe: I guess it's good that you're tall. You can reach stuff. Rick: Yeah, sometimes.

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    Notes (1)

    • Jennifer Crystal Foley (Christie Parker) and David Clennon (Miles Drentell) do not appear in this episode.

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