Once Upon a Time's First Season 4 Teaser: Frozen's Elsa Makes Her Grand Entrance (VIDEO)

By sadiegennis

Sep 01, 2014

Storybrooke gets Frozen over in the first trailer for Once Upon a Time's fourth season.

In the new clip, which first debuted via The Hollywood Reporter, Elsa (Georgina Haig) arrives in town, leaving an icy trail in her wake—and the locals seem none too pleased. Talk about a chilly reception!

Once Upon a Time Season 4 premieres Sunday, September 28 at 8pm on ABC.

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  • Oh_666 Sep 03, 2014

    Here we go again. :-)


  • missjudgment Sep 02, 2014

    It can be good. I've learned to take OUaT as it is and then it's enjoyable.
    On an unrelated note, have you noticed that your main site has an ad for escorts in "popular forum topics"? Or is it my browser?

  • MissMunchkin Sep 02, 2014

    The costume, from this trailer, looks not very good. It just kinda proves to me that they went too literal with bringing Frozen into Storybrooke. The dress just kind of looks like a girl dressing up like Elsa... Not Elsa, who created her dress with her powers, which obviously means that the dress is made out of ice and snow... er... somehow... Obviously, that only makes sense in the animated version, so there's no way to literally translate that.

    They would have been better off just going Snow Queen like and making her wear all white.

  • petiaivailova1 Sep 02, 2014

    yes, but Olaf is also made from snow and he is alive; plus Elsa wasn't naked - she somehow turned her own dress into the blue one... This is magic - so it's not logical :)

  • MissMunchkin Sep 04, 2014

    Which makes sense in the animated verse, don't get me wrong... But in a real life version? It just doesn't work. To me. Obviously, this is just my opinion. I think she would have just looked better wearing all white to signify her snowy queen status. To me, the costume is much too literal to the movie. She could have still been Elsa without being a copycat version of her animated self.

  • petiaivailova1 Sep 04, 2014

    Elizabeth Mitchell is in white - she also will be Snow queen I think (posible spoiler)

  • ionee24 Sep 06, 2014

    I just think she'll be the mother just to add a soap opera spin to Anna & Elsa' story (as in, mother faking her own death and/or second family/long lost sibling in Stroybrooke).

  • fleur-de-lune Sep 02, 2014

    That was actually kind of funny... :)

  • Magnusxxz Sep 02, 2014

    Ah, throwing out some Swan Queen so save the day. You know, you can only lean on them for so long before people notice how much everything else, that is canon, actually sucks. : )

  • edenlily15 Sep 02, 2014

    Some people are so quick to judge - we've seen 30 seconds! It could wind up being really good. I'm excited!

  • ionee24 Sep 02, 2014

    I'm not saying it can't be, I'm just saying it could be worse.

    Elsa is the very first Disney princess that defines herself, not by the Prince that she's with, the relationship she's in or the dance she must attend to, but by what she was capable of and the limits she tested herself with.

    It just doesn't gel well with Snow White, Marion or the others and its something no male character from Hook to Prince Chaming can understand.

  • edenlily15 Sep 03, 2014

    In the world of OUAT, I wouldn't say Snow White or Marion defines herself by a Prince or a relationship or a dance, as you say. First off, I've never gotten the idea that a woman can't be tough and badass and independent and also be in love with a man. We've seen Snow as a warrior and Marion being really brave and willing to die for what she believes in...and they both happen to love their husbands and children. What's wrong with that?

    That being said, I've seen no indication that they're going to change Elsa to a character who has any sort of romantic relationship and I don't think they're holding a dance in Storybrooke...but no one know because the season hasn't started yet!!

  • ionee24 Sep 03, 2014

    The Snow White from OUaT is literally incomplete without a man (Charming has half of her heart), not to mention the many "endearing" things she did back when she thought he was a married guy.

    Marion is nothing without her family, Cinderella didn't start her life until she married a Prince, Belle's "reward" is Rumpel and so on...

    Meanwhile, Elsa's reward was to be happy, whether or not she was accepted by anyone else; her life started when she embraced her own identity and she's whole long before she even meets a man.

    Before Frozen told us that was actually a good thing (the cause for an iceskating party!),the only ones who did that were Disney villains (Evil Queens, Maleficents, all sorts of witches, etc.).

  • brendaliliananovoamejia Sep 03, 2014

    But the fact that she give him part of her heart is not so much that she needs him in order to be someone, since technically she has always held a bigger title than him, and is above him for the kingdom she belongs to, she give him her heart because she loves him, I would give my life the people that I love in a heart beat just to not feel the pain of losing them, also it hurt her to loss him when she tough he was married but did not wanted to suffer so she chose to forget him, if she were week she would have tried to kill herself or fall in the arms of another man if what she need was a man to define her, which is not the case and can be see in the fact that after being married to charming he could only think in the honeymoon but she tricked him and left hi ALONE IN THEIR HONEYMOON to go looking for Medusa ALONE. In the case of Cinderella I always felt that it was more the case of lack of opportunities rather than needing a man, if she could have thought it better she should have asked to be rich, but I think in her case you are right . But I had to defend Mulan, the OUAT version as well as the Disney version, she was what she was her man be damned. In Belle case she give herself to Rumple to save her people, against his father and king wishes, and with the knowledge that her future will be grim, but she had courage and do the only thing she thought that she could do given the way she had being raised, later is seen that the reason she stays with Rumple is because she loves him and in a way I think that she feels that she is the only one who believes in him to change, not because he defines her, she left him at one point and he respected her choice, she also takes care of Rumples shop when she believes him dead and she soldiered on living her life and her passion for knowledge. In Anna`s case she has never fell in love and is not looking for it, but that was snow before she meet Charming, or Mulan, or even the Disney version of Belle or OUAT Belle, she was not looking to fall in love with Rumple.

  • kou_shun_u Sep 02, 2014

    I'd say Ariel defined herself as well (in addition to Mulan) and she was just as boy crazy as Anna at being a hero since Eric was just a useless, easy to handle guy. Oh and does Brave count? Because really she is the only one that didn't have to justify with hooking up with a guy at the end to prove herself. I think the fact that Anna hooked up with Christoph at the end ruined a lot of the props that people give Frozen. I think it would have been better if they left it as a "maybe they will".

    Oh wait Elsa not Anna. But yeah Mulan was the best (though technically not royalty), and it sucks that they didn't have her come along with the merry men and become the new deputy.
    On that thought is Mulan the only female disney lead that is not nobility? For example, Cinderella might not have been a princess but she was still a Duke's daughter. Oh there is Tiana who wasn't (I dont think) but she marries into it. Oh and Belle was part of the merchant class (original story wise) which was almost noble since the two would marry for money/title exchange.

  • ionee24 Sep 02, 2014

    I see Ariel as the worst: the Disney Princess that gave up on her own identity for a man. A woman who lost her own voice in order to live his life.

    It's like neither of these so called "heroines" can even define themselves without a man, and when they do (define themselves without one), they're labelled an Evil Queen, a Witch or Maleficent.

    Elsa was the first Disney Princess that stood for who she was - in the light of day - and defied the rage that'd storm out for she didn't mind a cold shoulder as long as she embraced who she was.

    It's not even an empowering message: is a simple call to embrace your identity rather than be afraid of it. For the results are liberating, for Elsa and Anna.

  • kou_shun_u Sep 05, 2014

    No, there were others before her actually. Case in point Mulan. And most often in the Disney cartoons, the girls can be okay and star off doing heroic acts, but then a man comes into the picture. Once that happens, its like her whole life revolves around him and she looses all sense of self and ability.
    And don't surprised when Frozen 2 comes out and Elsa goes and "finds love" and is just like every other Disney girl.

    As for Ariel, I disagree with the statement "A woman who lost her own voice in order to live his life."
    I think that yes she was very stupid in what she did. Much like Romeo and Juliet were stupid kids who played with lives on their notions of "love". But she always was a risk taker with her head in the clouds. So she had perseverance and courage, but her goal was weak. The problem isn't that she lost her voice, its that she only had three days to make Eric hers. And lets not forget she was going to accomplish her goal with the help of her friends, until Ursula intruded and basically stole her identity and became Vanessa.
    So its not her voice, its more so the fact that she was going to give up her family, her "county"and "culture" all in the hopes of pursuing a man she briefly met.

    Mulan is clearly the best heroine of the lot. She protected her father at all cost. She is the one that lost her identity but in the noble way of doing it for her family. And more so started off as just strong-willed but then trained herself to be strong of mind and body as well. She didn't give into her peers and be the dregs of the group, but was loyal enough to keep them as her friends while still excelling and becoming the best that one can be.
    (I haven't seen the sequel so I don't know what happens to her afterward.)

  • The_Ravn Sep 02, 2014

    Mulan will be sorry to hear that.

  • ionee24 Sep 02, 2014

    Hence why Once Upon a Time turned Mulan into a lesbian character: despite the love affair with a male superior officer in the movies, the writers considered a career soldier didn't gel well with Aurora on the show either.

    Elsa is even more complicated because the character is fulfilled & accomplished within herself.

  • JonathanWint Oct 20, 2014

    Fair fair Mulan was strongly suggested a lesbian character in Legend, Dozens of marriage Proposals and turns them all down. It Never outed her but whether she was myth or fact her Sexality was at leasted hinted as Lesbain, Or Sexless. She had no Prince Charming.

  • ionee24 Sep 02, 2014

    It could be worse, at least they didn't use "winter is coming"...

  • KevinG87 Sep 01, 2014

    I still wish they had used The Snow Queen instead of the Disney property based on it.. but whatever. but it's weird how for this promo they're in Storybrooke but in their Enchanted Forest getups..

  • kou_shun_u Sep 02, 2014

    yeah, what is up with that.

  • katelynsunday Sep 01, 2014

    Yes they all are, that's so strange

  • rishabhpb Sep 01, 2014

    So close to "Winter is coming".

  • ZeroCals Sep 02, 2014

    Absolutely thought they were going there.

  • Aquitar94 Sep 01, 2014

    "Really?" My thoughts exactly Emma. Who knows, it may end up surprising me and being good

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