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    love it!

    By 28eswan, Jul 06, 2015

    Love this show. I've considered myself a 'fan' of a tv show before, but now I am definitely a OUAT fan. I'm loving everything about this show, and I love the relationship between hook and emma. Can't wait to see more.

    So excited for season 5! Bring on dark!emma!

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    Similarities on Anna and Jemma

    By JohnnyRode, May 21, 2015

    Is it me, or is Elizabeth Henstridge (Jemma) from Marvel Agents of SHIELDS very similar in acting and behavior? Not that I am against it, they are both bringing such charm and fun to their roles and the show.

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    Love! But GRRRRR

    By lovetimesinfinityplusone, Apr 29, 2015

    When I tell people about once upon a time I say

    1) If you like disney movies you'll like these.

    2) Regina is the best at first you want to stab your TV but then she grows on you, she is far the best.

    3) It's good until Frozen, if you survive Frozen you'll be ok!

    Now these people broke my heart and I can't just "Let it Go!" <- see what I did there. With the Snow Queen, I was very sad they did not use that to bridge into Narnia. Other then that no complaints.

    <3 you Rumple!moreless

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    This show has no chill

    By elizabethacts, Apr 16, 2015

    Every time I watch this show I get sucked in! I have to say I was worried about where this show was going but the Frozen story was so refreshing and now I need to know what happens next with the author! Rumple is my favorite character and I hope to see him find a way to win back Belle. Seriously Robert Carlyle is an amazing actor though!! This show is the best show I've ever seen. The effects are awesome! The acting is really great! The costumes are perfect! I find myself at the edge of my seat every single commercial break. The stories are so original. I love the flashbacks. Overall, THIS SHOW HAS NO CHILL and it'll keep me sucked in until the end... I LOVE IT!!!moreless

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    the best fantasy show

    By veijkman, Apr 14, 2015

    its got anything a fantasy watcher need plus its high quality actors and actress

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    Definitely a crowd pleaser

    By bones-buff, Apr 06, 2015

    I'm not a big fan of the characters themselves, and constantly find myself being drawn towards the villains, seeing as though most of the heroes are just hopelessly optimistic, and when they're not, they all have awful personalities. The actors themselves are good, but my problem is with the writing and the story line. Most of the time I find myself more interested in the villains' stories than the heroes'. Also Snow White's haircut is awful and Rumpelstiltskin needs to see a dermatologist. Despite all those things, I have been keeping up with the series and most of all, I'm impressed that the writers can think of that many fairy-tale characters.moreless

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    running out of steam

    By JohnFoy, Mar 31, 2015

    I will watch till then end of the season but unfortunately I will be giving up after that - the show was fairly original & refreshing when it started but i just have not found the storylines gripping enough & I dont really care what happens to the characters anymore - show seems to be aimed squarely at a family audience & suitable for younger children which can be restricting on the drama - in future I will be sticking to Grimm & iZombie which dont have the same restrictionsmoreless

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    By michelleoswalt1, Mar 09, 2015

    I'm still upset that Snow White has that ugly short hair cut! I'm repulsed by it. She could at least have it a little longer and more feminine instead of looking like a boy.

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    pure genius

    By nettieferris, Mar 05, 2015

    I think OUAT is probably the best or most different concept for a television series I've seen in a long time. I absolutely love it and look forward to a date with captain hook every week. Love watching the journey's of all the characters. Loved watching Regina elvolve into who she is now. And loved watching Rumplestiltskin become something better then falling from Grace. Robert Carlisle is acting genius and I couldn't imagine anyone else for that part. It's got potential to do alot of seasons and do them all well. I've loved what they've done with the stories. Peter Pan is rumples dad that was so cool. And the way they wrote frozen into it without disrupting the movie series was excellent. It just awesome and I can't wait to see the 3 queens in action this season too.moreless

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    New episode

    By 318north, Mar 02, 2015

    I'm so glad the show is back tonight. Can't wait.

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