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    Renewal, pretty please?

    By dianamartins, 3 days ago

    Please get this show renewed! I love this show!

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    Feels like a "Fables" comic ripoff

    By Raven77, Apr 04, 2014

    I think there was a comic book series that had the same premise more than 12 years ago. The show may be apealing at certian points and the acting is very decent but I just dont like the fact that the show is not 100% original.

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    i love this searies very much

    By maywagdy33, Apr 01, 2014

    I really loooooooooooove this Series and hope it will have season 4

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    I love a good fairy tale!

    By librarystarr, Mar 09, 2014

    This so is so fun to get immersed in! I don't believe it will last 2 more seasons though.

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    Once upon a time

    By rileyrayrayray, Mar 03, 2014

    One of the best shows on television... not as good as it was in past seasons but still great

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    By aminarundol, Mar 01, 2014

    Too cheesy and too kiddie for my taste

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    Great series

    By Kimzo91, Jan 28, 2014

    I think the show is awesome, I'm glad more characters are coming to the forefront... If I had to sit and only watch Emma and Henry all season long I'd be bored or nauseated by episode 2... Besides this show is about our favourite fairytales and bringing them to life with a twist, the way the writers have brought them all together is brilliant!

    I don't recommend watching episodes to close together tho... Some characters are unexpectedly annoying when you watch them for too long... and the wait for this next episode is a bit ridiculous... There's keeping people in suspense and then there's just plain old taking too long

    Overall I love the series... The team is doing a terrific job :) :) :)moreless

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    Pretty slick / Long term vision of plots

    By houbou, Jan 19, 2014

    Season 3 mid review:

    I like the way the show is structured. It is interesting to see how they weave the fairy tales into this story line. Rumple's Dad is Peter Pan.. Who would have thought? There are of course a few loopholes, for example, why does Neil have go regress into the curse when he was brought to this world before ithe curse started? After all, Henry wouldn't be Henry without Emma and Neil mating. Well anyways, seems that it might just be they have their memories after all, since Hook came back to NYC.

    Rumple and his Dad dissapeared (allegedly died) in Storybrooke. Will the breaking of the curse restore them? Who knows..

    The break in the season seems too darn long too me.


    Ok, I've watched both seasons in 1 week, and yes, thank you for the ability to get shows online.

    First season was great and ended on a nice cliffhanger. Second season was actually pretty slick, especially the ending.

    Obviously, Peter Pan is going to be the threat in Season 3, part 1, it makes sense, he's the big bad of NeverLand.

    Now, I've read some of the reviews here, and some people think that Season 2 didn't make any sense. Well, I disagree with that.

    Basically, as we are talking about alternate worlds, which is really what this is all about and the power of magic vs science. And it's all done based on so called fairy tales. Nothing wrong with that.

    Furthermore there is dimension to the characters, and that's refreshing. A lot of nuance.

    For those of you who pine for Regina and her character development, well the show is about much more than the Evil Queen.

    In the end, she's a pawn, let's face it. But character development there has been.

    There is providence and fate intertwining with Rumpelstiltskin rather large manipulation of events, all geared towards getting back his son.

    The show is going somewhere and it's hard to predict where, and that's refreshing.

    For the most part, there has been a lot of interesting twists and a lot of unexpected development in the show.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    I'm just wondering if there will be a clean ending at some point. Maybe in 3 or 4 seasons from now.

    Henry seems to be way much more than he seems in many ways. Why would Peter Pan be seeking him?

    Is Peter Pan also working for someone else? Based on the patterns I've seen, I would NOT be surprised.

    Anyways, looking forward to the 3rd season, it's going to be a long summer........moreless

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    Wow what a cliffhanger!!

    By AnneThompson1, Jan 04, 2014

    March seems a little too long to wait for the next episode hehe, loved this season so far, especially the last episode, what a cliffhanger that was!

    I'll be anxiously anticipating the next episode.

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    Why I don't dislike Henry!!

    By LiniaNicholl, Dec 26, 2013

    I know there will be many who want to beat me with a stick - but I do actually like Henry. I think the writers need to give Jarrad better scripts to work with - but I think those last couple of episodes of Season 3, have proven the kid can act.

    I was bawling on " You're not a villain, you're my mum".. OMG

    Henry is the catalyst - for everything...

    And he was Rumple's undoing - if he had not brought Emma to Storybrook, the curse would not have been broken and Rumple would not have had to deal with Pan... eventually.

    I like that the writers are always setting things up for the next chapter. The writers obviously have a long-term vision.

    Bring on March


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