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Quotes (4)

  • Ruby: I cannot believe you put me on the early shift.
    Granny: Not my fault you stayed out all night. When I put over easy on the menu, I was talking about the eggs!

  • Regina: I don't like surprises, Sheriff. I find them threatening. And do you know what happens when I feel threatened? Bad things.

  • Regina: That's okay. I know I'm not the greatest cook... unless it involves apples.

  • Mary Margaret: How do you do it?
    Gold: Do what?
    Mary Margaret: Live with yourself, knowing all the bad things you've done.
    Gold: Well, you tell yourself you did the right thing. And if you say it often enough, one day you might actually believe it.

Notes (4)

  • Music: This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) (Talking Heads)

  • Injoke: Of the three magic laws Emma refers to, the first two are those limiting The Genie in Disney's Aladdin . Emma doesn't mention the third.

  • Colin O'Donoghue and Emilie de Ravin are credited but don't appear.

  • International Airdates:
    Canada: March 17, 2013 on CTV

Trivia (1)

  • Trivia: Behind the opening title, Kurt and Owen's truck is parked in the forest.