Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

ABC (ended 2014)
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  • S 1 : Ep 13

    And They Lived...

    Aired 4/3/14

  • S 1 : Ep 12

    To Catch a Thief

    Aired 3/27/14

  • S 1 : Ep 11

    Heart of the Matter

    Aired 3/20/14

  • S 1 : Ep 10

    Dirty Little Secrets

    Aired 3/13/14

  • S 1 : Ep 9

    Nothing to Fear

    Aired 3/6/14

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  • Sophie Lowe


  • Peter Gadiot


  • Michael Socha

    Knave of Hearts

  • Emma Rigby

    Red Queen

  • Naveen Andrews


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  • Our story begins as many tales of imagination begin . . . . "Once Upon a Time" . . . . only this time it is, "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland". Yes, Wonderland a land filled with marvelous and fantastic places and characters, teeming with adventure and mystery, a land where a beautiful young girl once went . . . . but no one would believe her tale. In fact they tried to say she was a bit insane, troubled, lost in her imagination. The time was Victorian England and the young and beautiful Alice (played by Sophie Lowe) was about to have her memories forcibly removed by her doctors. That strange land that existed of all places . . . . on the other side of the rabbit hole. A strange place, a place with an invisible cat, a White Rabbit (played by John Lithgow), talking playing cards, a hookah smoking caterpillar, and of course we cannot forget to mention the Red Queen (played by the very lovely Emma Rigby). Alice knows however that her doctors are about to make her forget all about Wonderland. Alice is especially ready to forget the painful memories of Cyrus the genie (played by Peter Gadiot) who she gave her heart to and yet lost forever when she returned to the "real" world. Perhaps Alice is insane as her doctors would have her believe, perhaps Alice did imagine it all, yet down deep in her heart she knows it was real; but who will save poor Alice from losing all the memories she holds deep in her mind and in her heart? The White Rabbit along with the Knave of Hearts (played by Michael Socha) arrive just in time to prevent Alice from losing her memories. Now it is time for Alice and her friends to return to Wonderland, so down the three of them tumble, yes down the rabbit hole they go and Alice can continue her marvelous tale of "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland".moreless

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    • Dr. Lydgate: The question we have to answer today is which is the real performance? Little girl with tales of tea parties and barbaric queens, or the young lady who says it was just her imagination.
      Alice: The little girl was a fool.
      Dr. Lydgate: And the lady?
      Alice: She knows what really happened.

    • Cyrus: What are you doing in my bottle?
      Alice: Turn me in and I get big. right her, right now, burst your house into a million shiny pieces.
      Cyrus: We wouldn't want that now, would we? Good bottles are hard to find these days.

    • Cyrus: So we're both strangers in this most strange land.
      Alice: "Strange" is one word for it.
      Cyrus: Wondrous?
      Alice: Dangerous.

    • Alice: You.
      Knave: "You"? That's what I get? "You"? Well, nice to see you, too, Alice.

    • Knave: Cyrus. He's alive.
      Alice: That's impossible.
      Knave: You know as well as I do, Alice. Nothing's impossible in Wonderland.

    • Alice: Was that your idea of a rescue?
      Knave: It was supposed to be more of a message delivery-type situation. I wasn't planning to... (Alice runs off) Right. Let's go then.

    • White Rabbit: You're late. What a surprise.
      Alice: To you, everybody's late.
      White Rabbit: True. I do have high standards. (walking down a tunnel) Nice world you got here. Oh. What the hell is this stuff? It's pretty hard on the paws.

    • Alice: Careful, Knave. We've landed in the Mallow Marsh.
      Knave: Of course we did, because a pond made out of dessert topping makes perfect sense.

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    • International Airdates:
      Sweden: March 27, 2014 on Kanal 11

    • The episode premiered with 5.74 million viewers, coming in third for the night behind CBS and FOX.

    • Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen was used heavily in the promotional ads, with its emphasis on the lyrics "No escape from reality." However, the song isn't featured in the episode itself.

    • International Airdates:
      Sweden: April 3, 2014 on Kanal 11

    • International Airdates:
      Sweden: April 10, 2014 on Kanal 11

    • The White Rabbit is briefly seen but John Lithogow's voice isn't used.

    • Injoke: One of the entries in Jafar's book is for a Sarlacc, which will digest Alice over a thousand years. The Sarlacc is a creature in the Star Wars movies, seen in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi.

    • International Airdates:
      Sweden: April 17, 2014 on Kanal 11

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    Trivia (4)

    • Trivia: The dragon is curled atop the show logo in the opening credits.

    • Trivia: The carpet the guards drag Young Jafar's body out of the palace in is the same one the adult Jafar uses as his flying carpet.

    • Trivia: The White Rabbit is standing beneath the show logo in the opening credits.

    • Trivia: We find out that the White Rabbit's given name is Percy.

    Allusions (1)

    • Knave: With a name like that, why would they, unless they were a Care Bear?
      Referencing the cartoon bears created by American Greetings in 1981. They have been the subject of several TV series and movies. The Care Bears live in the Kingdom of Caring, and the five primary Bears are Share, Cheer, Funshine, Grumpy, and Oops. They spend much of their time protecting small children and giving them hope.

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    By bregn, Apr 05, 2014

  • Great show in its own right

    By roisinmcguire5, Mar 28, 2014

  • A good story

    By deborahzwart, Jan 13, 2014

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