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    By Kimberlina14, Aug 12, 2013

    I love it even though it is the end.

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    more please!!!!!!

    By bdbsmom42, Jun 06, 2013

    bring it back it is the best ! I want to see how the younger tree hill kids grow up .and what they become

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    Stopping oth was a bad idea

    By Denver23, Jun 02, 2013

    One tree hill is like the best show ever it was to good they shouldn't have ended it they need to make a season 10 an even more to many people watch that show to stop it after 9 years people have grown to the show u can't just stop it out of the blue they need to start it back up again this show is a 10 I mean I would watch it every time it can on and I've watched every episode twice on Netflix the characters are really good and they band together like real friends it combines basketball with drama they need to round up the characters including Lucas and Payton and all the others and start it again this is a message to cw and mark Schwann and evrybody who helped don't stop the show now it's to good it's like ur hitting a really good pattern of episodes it would be a good idea if u started it back up I hope I consider this messagemoreless

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    Goodbye One Tree Hill

    By dmjg, Jun 05, 2012

    I recorded the whole of the last series as it was shown in the UK (I often do that, because it enables me not to hang around week after week without knowing what happened next). I've just finished watching the entire final series. I am emphatically NOT a fan of schmaltz and cheese - and the final show *was* a tad schmaltzy and cheesy, but in a dark, dark world, the last 2 episodes were (for me) a perfect antidote. Sometimes it's *nice* to end things on a high, happy note.moreless

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    answer to brooke's twins..

    By othfan5555, Apr 21, 2012

    Thats actually Lydia and 1 of the twins.. if you look more closely there is a another little boy standing right next to Lydia..

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    brooke's twins?

    By jackie85, Apr 14, 2012

    Ok all in all the last episode was good but am I the only 1 who saw the last scene? Can anyone explain why at the last scene on the court when they pan into Julians face then show 2 children a boy and a girl? Their twins are supposed to be both boys so when did 1 turn into a girl?

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    the last episode... still hasnt hit me a week later that it's gone...

    By Queenkate83, Apr 11, 2012

    maybe after i write this review it will finally hit me...

    anyways great series finale... but there were 2 things that i didn't like about this episodei hated the fact that Kate Voegele wasn't in this episode considering she was a big part of season 5 and i also didnt like how they didnt show Jamie's face in the line up. but other then that i just loved it it was amazing.. great way to end the show ... i loved how Haley quoted "there is only one tree hill and it is your home" who knew 9 years later she'd be able to say that... that was amazing.. gives me chills just writing it.. i LOVED it i also loved the story of Baker Man of being across the street from the cafe.

    one of my favorite parts was when Julian brought Brooke's house for her i loved that that was tree hill momentium right there. i also loved how the camera panned over Peyton's bedroom at the sound stage. that brought back alot of memories seeing that :) anyways great way to close the show...moreless

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    The end :(

    By Chace_Welling, Apr 08, 2012

    I think it was overall a good finale. They tied everything up and everyone got their happy ending. I liked the inspirational messages at the end of the show to be ambitious, although most people who grew up with the show (rather than those who started watching the show late) are probably already en route to those ambitions.

    I loved seeing the old stage sets, especially Peyton's room. I completely forgot what it looked like until I saw it and recognized it immediately.

    It's nice that everyone got a great and happy ending that they deserve. I also really liked Gavin singing "I don't wanna be" at the end, I missed it.

    Although, I still think that OTH is not what it is without Lucas and Peyton. Even if it wasn't possible to have them back for the series finale (which I think totally sucks), there should have been a letter or a phone call or something saying that Peyton and Lucas will move back to TH. This way, the whole gang is back together. I still think that the first 4 seasons were incredible and the best part of the show. I haven't rewatched them and I don't think I want to, I'd like to keep my old and positive impression of the beginning of the series!

    It's sad that it ended but it's time. We've seen the transition of the show from teenage dramas to a show that focused on family and children-it's almost like the last half of the show was a completely different series. The story got its happy ending.

    Ps: I may be the only one who objects to Julian adding himself into the story. Again this may be because I am so obsessed with the first 4 seasons of the show that I don't want anyone messing with it!moreless

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    Sad to see it go

    By Mgmble, Apr 08, 2012

    Sad to see the show go, I liked the episod but I wish we saw some old faces appear sush as Karen, other than that it was a great episode.

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