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  • 9.0

    Nathan goes after Haley

    By GilmoreFan86, Mar 12, 2012

    Karen and Lucas come clean to Keith about what they know about Dan. Dan is beside himself with laughter over the whole thing. Keith is such an emotional wreck he throws a car part threw a window at the dealership towards Dan. Lucas decides to keep living with Dan to try and find out more about what he is up to.

    Nathan goes to look for Haley. Along the way he relives memories of their marriage that are really sweet. We didn't get to see much of their married life before Haley left and I liked seeing these memories. But when he shows up she doesn't want to leave and tells Nathan they may have made a mistake when they got married and he leaves without saying goodbye. And in a very sad scene we see Nathan take off his wedding ring.

    Nicki is back in town and is trying to get Jenny back. Jake considers running, but doesn't want to leave Peyton.

    We find out that Felix is the one who painted "dyke" on Peyton's locker (not a really big surprise) and he gets kicked out of school and sent off to military school. Brooke breaks up with him when she finds out and Anna tells him about herself which he doesn't want to hear and walks away.moreless

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  • 9.0

    this was a good ep

    By cube2k8, Jun 08, 2010

    in this ep of the show one tree hill keith finds out that dan had arrangement with jules to pay her to fall inlove with keith and keith gets outranged and gets vilent with dan.lucas and brook are tring to decide there next move and so she ends up moving in with karen and anna goes and tells the princpal what happen that it was her brother who did it who vanalized payton locker and nathan is going to try to find haley to bring her back to tree hill to save his marriage this was a good ep i thoughtmoreless

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  • 9.5

    Season 2, Episode 17.

    By Wanted23, Dec 30, 2008

    Keith gets violent with Dan after learning that Dan paid Jules to fall in love with Keith. Anna turns Felix in to the school authorities after discovering that he was the one who vandalized Peyton's locker. Lucas and Brooke discuss Brooke's possible move. Meanwhile, Nathan chances Haley in the hope of bringing her home. Brooke decides to move in with Karen. Keith better get some serious revenge. Dan did go to far, even though Keith slept with his wife, who was supposed to be divorced from Dan. However, he did have a heart attack. I can't believe Felix did that to Peyton! :( I loved Nicki's appearance in the beginning. Good episode.moreless

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  • 9.0

    A perfect and awesome episode! :D!

    By xxsitcomsxx, Aug 24, 2008

    I loved this episode for so so many reasons.

    Firstly, we got to see how Keith would adjust to the exit of Jules and unfortunatly he doesn't take it so well and the acting when he is with Dan at Dan Scott Motors is incredible!

    I also am getting into the Jeyton storyline and then they brought back Nikki! I was hoping so much that they would finally find each other and she would be stuck in Seattle! But then again, this is Tree Hill, no happy endings allowed!

    I hate that in this episode you really start to see Nathan and Haley's relationship crashing and burning around them.

    An excellent episoe with amazing performances!


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  • 9.7


    By Sarah_Is_Lost, Jun 08, 2008

    Keith gets violent with Dan after learning that Dan paid Jules to fall in love with Keith. Anna turns Felix in to the school authorities after learning that he was the one who vandalized Peyton's locker. Lucas and Brooke discuss Brooke's possible move. Meanwhile, Nathan chances Haley in the hope of bringing her home. Brooke decides to move in with Karen. This episode is named after a song by Nine Inch Nails. Jules has left. And it looks like others are leaveing, too: Brooke to California, Felix to military school, Nathan looking for Haley, Jake and Jenny on the run from Nikki, and Keith to anywhere but Tree Hill. Another great episode. I cant wait to watch more.moreless

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  • 10

    I loved it!

    By VGFreak8, Jan 09, 2008

    Brooke doesn't want to move at all. Nicki claims that she got custody of Jenny. Keith finds out from Lucas and Karen that Jules was paid by Dan. Nathan is on the road for Haley. He has flashbacks of them during his drive. Dan admits to Keith about his plan and Keith gets really angry. Karen wants to talk to Keith. Lucas gets Karen to convince Brooke's parents to let her stay with Karen. Lucas is staying with Dan. Nathan sees Haley, but it seems that she chooses music over him, so he leaves. Anna finds out that Felix is the one who tagged Peyton's locker. With this information, she tells the school and Peyton. When Brooke finds out from Peyton about it, she breaks things off with Felix. Anna reveals the truth about her to Felix and Felix is going to military school. They both take off their wedding rings. Jake is not going to run from Nicki this time.

    This episode was great! It's cool that Paul, who plays Dan, directed it! He's pretty good! I loved the flashbacks of Nathan and Haley! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless

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    Heartbreaking Episode for me to watch

    By kebarrera, Jun 15, 2007

    When Deb gives Nathan money and go find Haley (while burning the wedding wall) He takes off to find her on tour. While driving to Texas he has many flashbacks about their relationship. One when they are late for their wedding reception and she is taking a shower. He says well if your gonna be late i might as well be too and he jumps in with her. Another is when Haley misses her parents and Nathan says He will take a roadtrip to Atlanta to see them with her. And another when they are putting both of them on the answering machine. Then Nathan gets their and he finds out that she isnt wearing her wedding ring anymore. He leaves when she is performing. Anna tells principal Turner that Felix sprayed Dyke on Peytons locker.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Nathan tries to bring Haley back and Keith confronts Dan.

    By phippster_87, May 29, 2007

    I love this episode! It is so well written! Being a HUGE Naley fan, I loved the flashbacks that Nathan thinks about while he is on his road trip to see Haley. It brings more to the relationship of Nathan and Haley, and shows that they are truly in love and happy. Also, it finally came out that Felix painted that lovely word on Peyton's locker...I mean, who even liked him anyway?! All in all, I honestly think that this was a great episode and the storyline and acting were awesome! This is why so many people get addicted to this show!moreless

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    Keith is upset after learning the truth about Jules.

    By amfarley84, May 05, 2007

    I thought that this had to be one of the best episode of One Tree Hill by far. I really loved the scene between Brooke and Felix the one where she tells him that they are over because he was the one who spray painted dyke on Peyton's locker. I was really happy to see Keith go after Dan for paying Jules to break his heart. i was disappointed in Keith though that he was so mad at both Karen and Lucas for not telling him about Jules and Dan's arrangement. I was extremely happy that Karen talked Brookes parents into letting her stay in Tree Hill.moreless

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    The girl behind the red door

    By diecaro, Jan 02, 2007

    Brooke finally broke up with Felix, he really started annoying me... And Brooke was about to leave town, but Lucas found a way for her to stay. I loved that scene when Luke told her he was gonna miss the girl behind the red door and that was when she saw that he had painted his door red for her. It was so sweet and I think it was the moment when I finally and hopelessely fell in love with Brucas!

    I loved the Naley flashbacks, but I was so disappointed that Haley didn't come back home to Tree Hill when Nathan asked her to...moreless

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