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  • 2.0

    Slow and boring

    By spgspgspg, Aug 02, 2015

    After just seen the 2 exciting seasons of The Originals, I started to watch Orphan Black, as there were so much praises for the series. The pilot is always important if they want to captivate the audience. To my disappointment, the first 3 episodes was so agonisingly slow and utterly boring that I deleted the whole of the 3 seasons. I was intrigued up to the point where the German lookalike was shot and then everything went down hill from there. I am a fan of the paranormal, sci-fi and horror stories, I do not have patience when I cannot relate to the characters and the storyline by the end of the first episode. It did not leave me wanting more. I had to force myself to watch 2 more episodes, hoping it will pick up the pace, unfortunately all it did was dragging the story with unnecessary scenes instead of making them compelling. It was like a pale imitation of DollHouse.moreless

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  • 10

    Emmy has finally recognized Tatiana's skill

    By WildPict, Jul 16, 2015

    Tatiana Maslany has finally been nominated for Best Actress in a Drama!

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  • 8.0

    Just as I was about to give up!

    By VirginiaProud, Jun 14, 2015

    Finally! As of the last couple of episodes (coinciding with decision to no longer regularly review this show) Orphan Black has returned to form! Why on earth we had to endure those terrible fake sets and Castor meandering in the first half of the season I'll never understand. All the Castor story to date could have been much more concise, to greater effect. Conversely the key elements of that story line such as Paul's demise were glossed over. Anyway, let's put that behind us, onwards to the end of the season :moreless

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    Excellent Show

    By baneofkings, Apr 03, 2015

    Tatiana Maslany is the main selling point of the show with the excellent acting that she brings to the table. Smart, original, compelling clone drama that's an absolute must watch.

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  • 1.0

    Not all that!

    By mturner04, Feb 05, 2015

    Do not like this actress' acting. She is very over-rated, and is just, Not all that, at all!

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  • 9.0

    A very unique show!

    By mrramirez26, Feb 01, 2015

    This is the first show review I've written on this site, but I just feel compelled to tell you how cool this show is! I've only recently discovered it, but I'm more than halfway through Season 1 in a day; and I can tell I'll be left breathless when I reach the season finale.

    What strikes me about this show, is firstly, the fact that Ms. Tatiana Maslany plays SO MANY CHARACTERS! Seriously, she must play at least four characters just by episode 3. While it can get a bit confusing at times, all her characters are distinguishable from one another - at least enough so the viewers don't get completely turned around. Sarah Manning is certainly adept at identity theft and impersonations - I'll just leave it at that. It's extremely impressive. (Not to mention the many accents she adopts. English, German, American, many more over the course of the rest of the episodes, I'm sure!)

    The other thing that makes this show so cool, is just that it's simply unique. Sure, there are a million and one sci-fi shows out there, and even more cop shows, but this one is a neat blend of the two; with some other, more "everyday problems" thrown in to ground it. (ie: Sarah grappling with the fact that her daughter is being brought up without her, in foster care, her relationship with Felix, and of course her boyfriend Vic, whom she threw an ashtray at.

    Bottom line: You don't mess with Sarah Manning.

    Consider me a fan!!moreless

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    There is no other...

    By EnyKiss, Jan 16, 2015

    this is a show, that I can watch 100 of times and still find it interesting. for me there is no other show like this. i like both the subject and actors, writing is brilliant..

    Tatiana became my favorite actress instantly, with a talent like hers,there's no surprise there. this is why I'm annoyed by the fact that the important award shows forget all about her, which is a real shame. they give out awards to less talented actors,just because their show has more viewers or who knows for what stupid reason.

    when she is on screen as her characters,i can tell them apart,just by hearing her VOICE.

    all the other actors on this show have real talent as well,so that makes this show even better.

    i can't say one thing I don't like about it.


    ps: there is one thing,that I don't like: it has only 10 episodes.moreless

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  • 6.5

    I'm trying to get into it

    By richardhaddadtv, Jan 04, 2015

    A great idea for a show and quite intriguing, really; but, it leaves itself open to too many questions and gaps. Hoping it picks up soon or I won't make it through to Season 2.

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  • 9.5

    Just discovered it, great show

    By Karstedt, Dec 17, 2014

    I just watched season 1 over a few days. They do a really fantastic job of making each clone seem like different people from the acting and look to the camerawork and editing.

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  • 9.5

    No Clone Show!

    By ErosMakelaris, Oct 27, 2014

    Original story, strongly scripted and Maslany on a colorful performance recital!

    Really impressed!

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