Animal Farm

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    Episode does not have any Keller/Beecher scenes. Bummer. However, Cyril O\'Reily arrives to OZ and Schillinger rapes him welcoming him to Oz. Bellinger and Adebisi exchange love letters without meeting.

    By TheOfficeTemp, Jul 19, 2006

    GOOF - Hill is crossing the common room to talk with someone, we see Beecher with a beard (which he had shaved off in the previous episode) and the back of Keller at a table. However, Keller was in the hole during this entire episode and didn\'t get out until the next episode. So this was shot prior to the infamous laundry room kiss because Beecher has his beard and Keller is playing a board game with him.

    This episode was good, but it missed that dynamic chemistry that Beecher and Keller brought to Oz. How could Fontana do this to us? End the previous episode with the killer kiss and proclamation of love and then hold us off for an entire episode to see Keller return.moreless

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