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    Not nice

    By matzaa, Oct 29, 2007 not a nice way of saying it.... in very not nice or great at all. Ok... Adebisi died... I can live with that.. But Said ?! What the hell was the writer thinking?! He certainly wanted for the show to end or something. I'm so glad that Oz will stop at this season. It kinda would have got very boring, not interesting and unpleasent. So far, it kinda so sucks! They f****d up what's OZ all about.

    I can accept the fact that Adebisi died. But, Said. That's enough. Not to talk about Keller's condamnation to death. Or Augustus!!! Don't even get me started on that. Anyway. I don't know why I still watch this show. Maybe because of the great respect I had for the last seasons. Too bad for the show. It had potential. A really good one.moreless

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