Aunti Histamine

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  • Ozzy: You know, your Aunt's okay. And I don't usually say that about annoying people who try to destroy me. Drix: Well then you'll be delighted to know she's moving in right next door. Ozzy: What!? Drix: Gotcha! Ha!

  • Ozzy: You know, I get the feeling your aunt only wants us for our moisture.

  • Navigator: I know. Let's play twenty questions. Me first! I'm thinking of a carbohydrate. Ready. And...go! Ozzy: Would you just navigate backseat? Navigator: Yes, Sir. Mr. Driver Sir. Goin' up! Goin' down. Yeeheehee.

  • Drix: Ozzy, you didn't forget to pay the waterbill again, did you?

  • Hector's Sister: Hurry up, snot boy. I'd like to brush before dawn.

  • Police Chief: So, how long are you gonna be with us here? Aunti Histamine: Not long. I like to drift away once the work is done. I don't wanna over-spray my welcome.

  • Aunti Histamine: I remember when you were just knee-high to a magnesium oxide and now you've grown into a fine young pill. Drix: At night, Auntie used to read me lists of synthesized amino acids. It's one of my finest childhood memories.

  • Aunti Histamine: Watch it, boys. I'm snot in the mood for games! (she laughs)

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Notes (1)

  • Almost the entire scene with the breaking dam in the teaser of this episode is actually a scene from the feature movie Osmosis Jones. You can tell which parts are movie scenes and cartoon scenes by the quality of animation during certain parts.

Trivia (2)

  • Drix says he's lucky if Hector takes an asprin. What's Hector doing taking asprin in the first place?

  • Why did Aunti Histamine call Drix her boy when she said, "That's my boy!" Mothers often say that. Isn't she his aunt? (Response: Mothers *often* say that. Other family members can say that as well, if they are closely related to the person)