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    A Scary Dream


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    Let's Make Our Bodies Tired


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    Lights in the Dark


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    What's That Sound?


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  • Alice Dinnean


  • John Kennedy


  • Victor Yerrid


  • Donna Kimball

    Sweetpea Sue

  • Brian Henson

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  • PBS Kids Sprout presents Pajanimals, a short-form musical series about getting ready for bed for children. Pajanimals features four cuddly friends - Sweetpea Sue, Squacky, Cow Bella and Apollo who love to snuggle and sing night time songs to preschoolers. In each segment, they explore issues ranging from wanting to stay and play to missing parents at night. Pajanimals airs nightly on PBS Kids Sprout's The Goodnight Show. Catch a different segment each night about halfway through the program (7:27 P.M., 10:27 P.M. and 1:27 A.M.) & catch "La La Lullaby" every night at the end of The Goodnight Show. Hungry for more Pajanimals? You can find videos of the program at Sprout's website. You can also find, by searching online, a video of the program's theme song, never broadcast on television. In April 2011, the Jim Henson Company officially announced production on a full half-hour version of Pajanimals (52 x 11'), scheduled to air on PBSKids Sprout beginning in fall 2011. Show Theme: [Female Vocalist] Are you ready for beddy-bye? [Pajanimals] The Pajanimals are ready for beddy-bye [Female Vocalist] The Pajanimals are ready for you To get ready for beddy-bye too [Mother] (It's bedtime.) [Female Vocalist] Apollo's looking forward to a good night hug Cowbella's with her lovie, she's as snug as a bug Squacky's picked a book to share with all of you Let's put on our pjs with Sweetpea Sue Are you ready for beddy-bye? [Pajanimals] The Pajanimals are ready for beddy-bye The Pajanimals are ready for you [Female Chorus] To get ready for beddy-bye too The Pajanimals are ready for you Good night, Pajanimals [Apollo] (Good night.) [Squacky] (Night night.) [Cowbella] (Good night. yawns) [Sweetpea Sue] (Nighty night.)moreless

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    • Cowbella: (singing) My room is cozy, safe and cozy / Happy dreams are soon to be Squacky: How good it feels to be so dozy / So lu-lu-lullaby with me.

    • Sweetpea Sue: (singing) The Earth is sleepy, very sleepy / The ocean rocking shore to shore Apollo: In each house, igloo and tepee, lu-lu-lullaby some more.

    • Cowbella: Wait, let me get this straight. First, we got to put on our jammmies, then take a bath, yes? Apollo and Squacky: No! Don't your remember?! Sweetpea Sue: (singing) It's first the bath Apollo, Cowbella and Squacky: Scrubba scrubba scrubba Sweetpea Sue: Brush the teeth Apollo, Cowbella and Squacky: Brush-a brush-a brush-a Sweetpea Sue: Choose your pajamas Apollo, Cowbella and Squacky: Jama jama jammies Sweetpea Sue: Sip a little water Apollo, Cowbella and Squacky: Sippa sippa sippy Sweetpea Sue: Read a little story Apollo, Cowbella and Squacky: Once upon a time! Sweetpea Sue: And give yourself a hug Apollo, Cowbella and Squacky: Hugga hugga hugga Sweetpea Sue: Okay, all right, now let's turn off the light / 'Cause now it's time to say good night.

    • Sweetpea Sue: Now's the time to-- Squacky: (singing) Have one more drink of water, I think / Read one more book, let's take a look / Say one more word that's never been heard, like "vegetable animalmal minerally" Apollo: And three more hugs for me, yippee! Sweetpea Sue Whoa, there! (singing) Stick to the plan. Apollo, Cowbella and Squacky: Stick to the plan? Sweetpea Sue: Yes, stick to the plan. Apollo, Cowbella and Squacky: Stick to the plan. Sweetpea Sue: You've done all that already today / Now, nighttime's the time to hit the hay.

    • Sweetpea Sue: Now's the time to-- Apollo Play with my rocket ship! It sure would like to take a trip. And say good night to all the stars and-- Sweetpea Sue Whoa, there! Stick to the plan.

    • Mom: Remember, stick to the plan. Squacky: Yes! The plan, the plan! What plan?

    • Squacky: (singing) I think Mom and Dad / Are wondering where I am / I'd better go and show them / That I'm not in Japan Apollo, Cowbella and Sweetpea Sue: No, you've got to go / You've got to go back to bed / It's the middle of the night Squacky: (interjecting) But maybe I could-- Apollo, Cowbella and Sweetpea Sue Put on your sleepy head / It's the middle of the night / Put on your sleepyhead.

    • Squacky: I'm SuperSquack and my lovie's my cape, Big Red / We're back from grand adventures / Now it's time for bed / After Bella's bedtime story is read / I'll fall asleep and dream / All the dreams in my head.

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    • This episode also appears in listings as "Jiggle, Jumble and Jump."

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  • um wtf?

    By alyyiki, Jun 12, 2014

  • A show that's a success if it puts its viewers to sleep? Brilliant! "The Pajanimals" is an amazing and top-notch production from the Jim Henson Company that tackles everything from missing mom at night to bad dreams. Fantastic designs, brilliant songs.

    By agent_0042, Jul 11, 2009

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