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    Ripped Off!!!

    By IssaAkbar, May 02, 2006

    Love this show, what reality TV should be all about; the interaction between different types of people and watch the sparks fly! In 'Paradise Hotel' we have the 'in crowd' and the ostrocised and boy do they clash! This series is currently being repeated in Australia and after reading the episode summaries on the TV.com website I found out that we are getting an editted down version!!! Ripped off!!! The summary for this episode documents a séance where it is revealed that 'Charla will be triumphant over her enemies.' Wow, what a revelation, but somehow not destined for the Australian screen! Well, we are heading for the finale, Dave votes out Beau again, a poor strategic decision that blows up in his face! Go 'The Barbies'!!!


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