Paradise Hotel

Episode 28

Season 1, Ep 28, Aired 9/23/03
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  • Host Amanda warns the remaining six that they will now be treated as couples, with a pair going home after the next elimination. However, one person will be granted all the power to force out another couple. Everyone is speechless. Tara makes a toast to the last ones standing. The group is given invites for a 24-hour excursion. They are to pack up for the next morning. Keith is giddy that every person who wanted him out of Paradise is now gone. Dave tells Charla that he really does crave the power position. Tara warns Keith to be careful of what he says. She doesn't want to reveal their strategy to the other four. Keith talks to Scott, telling him that what Dave said in Pandora's Box unsettled him. Scott knows that Keith has never lied to him, but Scott thinks that Keith is merely shoring up his bases. Dave approaches the two guys as they are in deep discussion. They suddenly go silent, and Dave senses the awkwardness. Dave later asks Keith about it. Keith vows to stay secure with their foursome. Holly, meanwhile, is sick of the Barbies, hoping that she and Scott will be separated from them in the excursion. The show's main credits roll again, but this time the individual title cards are changed to couples! Everyone gets their way-too-early wakeup calls. They sleepily pile into separate cars. Scott is matched with Tara on a yacht where they are happily forced to work the sails. Charla and Keith are brought to a suite where they receive spa treatments. She was nervous about going because she thought the evictees were all waiting there for her. Yet they both relax because they know that neither has to manipulate each other for a vote. However, Keith hopes that Tara is working Scott on their behalf. He then admits to Charla that he was hurt by what Dave said in Pandora's Box. Dave and Holly, meanwhile, sip champagne and slurp aphrodisiac oysters together blissfully. Dave drops a bomb by saying that he is not so sure he would send Scott and Holly home first. He thinks Keith would dump him in order to win, even though they are supposedly friends. Holly is still convinced that Charla would kick her and Scott off in a heartbeat. Each person is brought to a Paradise villa to spend the night, but the surprise is that the couples have been switched again. Keith is now with Holly, Scott with Charla, and Dave with Tara. Scott jokes that it's been a long time since he and Charla roomed together. The last time, she tried to get him into her bed. Scott tries to ply Charla with champagne, but the ever-dry Charla stops at one glass. Keith and Holly argue loudly about who Dave would really choose to eliminate. From the room upstairs, Charla and Scott hear them fighting. The next morning everyone returns to Paradise Hotel and are handed another dreaded letter. They are all asked to pack their bags because one couple will be leaving that night after the final Pandora's Box game. Scott later tells Holly that he heard her yelling at Keith in the villa. Then Keith clues in Tara about the fight from the night before. It seems that Holly and Scott are under the impression that Dave would save them over Keith and Tara. Keith calls Dave out on it, and orders him to tell Scott the truth. Dave refuses because he does not want to spoil his current position. Tara and Keith agree that Dave is wrongly fooling Scott into thinking he is OK. They want Dave to clear the whole thing up. Dave thinks he'll be setting himself up for a fall if he does so. Keith storms out angry. Charla admits to Tara that Dave is making her look bad. Scott and Holly discuss the elimination. She originally wanted to kick out Tara and Keith, but now Dave's actions have showed him to be untrustworthy. Scott agrees. Holly says that Dave told her "not to worry." Scott thinks that Dave is playing both sides, and he calls Keith. Keith confirms that Dave did say that he would keep him over Scott. Holly tells Keith what Dave said to her the previous night about her not having anything to worry about. Keith is mad. He and Scott reinforce the fact that they have always been honest with each other. Keith then reports back to Tara on the Dave shenanigans. "I'm done with Dave," Tara says in a huff. Dave comes to Keith and admits that he is worried. Keith feels sold out by him. "Maybe I should be worried?" Keith wonders aloud. Dave says that he has always protected Scott because Scott has had his back from Day One. Keith asks why he is now lying to Scott. Dave doesn't answer. He is wracked with nerves. Everyone files into the Harem Room for the final Pandora's Box game. "Where nobody lies, and everybody tells the truth," Scott laughs. Does Holly still consider Tara a rival? Holly says that both Tara and Charla are now equally her competition. Charla has recently been quiet on her opinion of who should go home. What gives? Charla says she is always quiet, but that she sides with her Barbie buddies by naming Scott and Holly as the pair to leave next. Keith concurs that things have changed with Dave since the last Pandora's Box. He hopes that he hasn't lost trust in Dave. (Is that a threat?) Scott is asked whether he trusts Tara or Charla more. In a most political response, he says that neither has ever backstabbed him. Yet Scott had fun with Charla on their expedition and he would now choose her to stay. Dave is asked why they should give him the power if it's left up to them. He answers that although he has had a lot of power in the past, he wouldn't really relish it this time. Host Amanda comes in to stop the game. She informs the group that, unfortunately, they will have to decide amongst themselves who will be granted the power. Yet they can't pick themselves or their roommates. Everyone becomes stressed. Scott is sickened by the turn of events. He's shaking. Tara decides that she wants Dave out, but doesn't want Charla to go. Neither Scott nor Holly thinks they will get the power. But they make their choice, and inform Keith that they are voting for him because they want him and Tara to stay. Keith feels that his one conversation with Scott turned everything around. Tara tells Charla what will go down, and they let Dave know too. He questions why Scott and Holly would go with Keith instead of him. He is sure they were on his side. Keith admits to Scott that he doesn't know if he can really vote Dave off. They have been through too much together. Scott is angry because they all know that Dave lied. "Everything you've been preaching would be out the window," he tells Keith, reminding him of how Dave turned on him. "This is your time to take a stand." Scott won't talk to Dave because Dave has been equally silent to him. He is sure that Dave feels bad for doing something wrong. The two couples confront Dave. Tara says that she was under the impression that the four Barbies were always each other's #2 choices, even before Holly arrived. Dave tells Tara that she is sadly mistaken. Scott now realizes that the Originals had a legitimate reason for dissing Dave when they returned. Keith never went against Dave, and he now feels like he has been played. Dave yells that he would never put Keith in harm. He thinks Keith only wants to make his own conscious feel better. (Then there's a lot more yelling and fighting, but it's hard to follow with all the double-talk and circuitous answers. Just know that nothing gets resolved…) The three pairs stack up for the elimination process and Host Amanda tallies who they each have selected for the power role. While Keith and Tara name Charla, everyone else picks Keith. He is required to take control of the game, but this power doesn't make him feel good in any way. Since Keith won't eliminate himself, he and Tara get to stay. He is now forced to send home one of his friends, and he has no idea who that will be. Charla tears up, worried that her affiliation with Dave has finally bit her in the ass. Who does Keith pick? -paradiseonfox.commoreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Amanda Byram


  • Toni Ferrari

    Contestant (Episodes 1-14; 22-23)

  • Keith Cuda

    Contestant (Episodes 11-End; WINNER!)

  • Andon Guenther

    Contestant (Episodes 1-4; 21-23)

  • Dave Kerpen

    Contestant (Episodes 3-End)

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  • Notes (4)

    • When they are showing the preview for the finale episode, you can catch a brief glimpse of Charla. Does Keith send Scott and Holly home?...

    • Keith is given the power to send one couple home, though he does not reveal it in this episode.

    • Airs back to back with episode 27.

    • Special Tuesday episode.

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