Paradise Hotel

Episode 9

Season 1, Ep 9, Aired 7/16/03
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  • Everyone's in an uproar over the fact that one of the original girls is going to be sent home next week. "Women are shaking in their boots!" Dave exclaims. Toni screams at him to shut up and she storms off. Isn't this the same girl who yelled at Beau for telling her to shut up? Kristin and Amy plan to be nice to Tara‚Ķ only in order to save themselves. Kristin tries to convince Toni to do the same. "Maybe it's time to start playing the game," Amy wonders. It's Toni's birthday, and the gang wishes her well. Yet Toni is not so good. She doesn't trust Dave because he's saying crap about her behind her back and he thinks that he is the smartest person in the hotel. Toni wants him to own up to these things. But first, she's angry at the new girl Tara for arriving on "her day." Toni makes fun of Tara not only before she's even met her, but behind Tara's back. Hypocritical much, Toni? Meanwhile, the men challenge Dave to be the first one to kiss Tara. For at least two seconds. Before midnight. However, someone else has to witness it. If he fails, Dave must give Toni a lap dance. If he succeeds, Dave wants them all to admit on camera that he's the only one with balls enough to kiss her. Zack advises him to ask Tara to borrow her Chapstick. Tara finally arrives, bearing gifts for her fellow hotel guests. She made leis with suckers on them. Is that a hint? All the guys believe that the other women are nervous because Tara is so hot. While Dave works over the new girl, Alex and Scott question whether he is up to fulfilling his dare. Dave hopes she's not afraid of hooking up. In a secret confessional, Tara admits that Dave is not her type and that he tries too hard, which makes him even less attractive. Before Toni's birthday party dinner that night, Amanda thanks Tara for greeting her so warmly when she first came. The dolled up gang files into the Harem Room for a game of truth or dare. Kristin admits that she has slept with over 40 men. She then dares someone to lap dance Toni, and Scott is the unlucky culprit. Toni is moved to tears -- not by Scott's moves, but by her cake (and possibly some form of alcohol consumption). After the party, the guys sneak into Tara's room and hide in the closets. With less than 15 minutes until midnight, Dave lures Tara to her bedroom. He asks her to trust him, but doesn't make a lip-lock move. Dave then asks her for Chapstick. As the clock strikes 11:57 pm, Dave mentions that there was a kissing game at the hotel. Tara is confused. Then, much to Dave's chagrin, the other women enter the room. The guys tumble from the closets, calling Dave a loser. They tell Tara about the bet, and force Dace to strip tease and give a lap dance to Toni. He's man enough to face the consequences, causing Toni to squeal in horror. Later that evening, Kristin jumps into the pool fully clothed to make out with Alex. Charla once again hits on Scott without success. Toni cries to Beau that she is getting old. He is annoyed to have to repeatedly tell her that she is beautiful. The next morning, Tara consults with Dave and Charla about who to pick as her next roommate. They tell her there is an "in" group of girls consisting of Amy, Toni and Kristin who influence the other guys. This group is trying to eliminate Charla, who doesn't want to leave. In another bedroom Amanda gives Alex a massage, and they discuss how she could pick Scott in order to stay. She doesn't know that Kristin and some of the others are ready to kick her out next. The guys devise a plan, called "terminate-her," which will put the Amanda boot into action. Alex knows that Amanda will choose Scott. They have schemed for Kristin to automatically pick the same guy as Amanda does. Scott will then go for Kristin. Meanwhile, Charla and Tara make a secret pact to protect each other. The entire group is invited on a luxurious beach excursion. There is also a special surprise for Tara and Scott. As everyone else frolics on a banana boat in the water, Amanda confides in Charla about her fate. The clique of Toni, Kristin and Amy don't want her there. Feeling like an outsider himself, Dave joins their conversation. He is more than happy to see one of those other three girls leave. Later, the whole gang is brought to a mud pool. Since Tara had challenged Scott to a mud wrestling contest in the studio, they are lubed up with oil and sent to grapple in the pool. Alex wrestles Toni next, and surprisingly, he pins her down. Dave bears his man-boobs and challenges Toni as well. She is pissed when she loses. Returning to the hotel, a Pandora's Box game is set up in the Harem Room. Beau is asked if there is a guy he does not trust. He says that Dave is acting fishy, and he warns him to be careful. Tara is asked why she is being rude and hasn't made any attempt to get to know certain people. She answers that she felt out of place coming in to the tight-knit crew and was only being observant. Dave is grilled about his claims that he is "smarter" than everyone else. He responds that he never said that. Toni calls his bluff because she overheard him make those assertions. She calls him a liar and says that he puts everyone down. Then Zack jumps in because he doesn't want to be labeled as dumb. Good boy! Toni is offended that she is put into the stupid category. Dave apologizes if anyone's feelings were hurt, but he didn't mean it in that way. They move on to Amanda. Beau wants to know why she should continue at the hotel even after she committed herself to Jason. Amanda answers that, besides the one kiss with Beau, she refused to hook up with anyone else. (Yet she forgets that she had some cuddle/kissing sessions with Alex, Matt and Zack?) Alex chimes in that she just recently told him she wanted to rip his clothes off. Amanda says that she was only joking. She wants to stay at the hotel just as much as anyone else. "I'm not ready to go," she cries. -paradiseonfox.commoreless

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  • Amanda Byram


  • Toni Ferrari

    Contestant (Episodes 1-14; 22-23)

  • Keith Cuda

    Contestant (Episodes 11-End; WINNER!)

  • Andon Guenther

    Contestant (Episodes 1-4; 21-23)

  • Dave Kerpen

    Contestant (Episodes 3-End)

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    • Tara's last name is Gerard.

    • The new guest, Tara, checks into Paradise Hotel.

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