Paradise Hotel

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  • Dave: I have man boobs! I used to be fat..

  • (A little after Amanda's ex-boyfriend arrives) Alex: I want my ex-girlfriend to come.

  • Alex: Damn you, game! It's all your faaaaaaaault!!!

  • Desiree: Was Kavita better looking on screen than in person? Alex: NO!

  • Charla: It's amazing how clear you can hear mosquitos at night when you're crazy.

  • Charte: Good night. Stay on your side of the bed. Raheim: (mumbles incoherently) Charte: Raheim the dream. Raheim: Oh, my God. You're so mean to me.

  • Amanda: Now I take it you know the drill by now, right? We've got four taken men -- Nate, Ryan, Mike, and James and then we have Raheim, "Billy No-Mates" in the center.

  • Narrator: Next on Paradise Hotel, who will be left out in the cold without a roommate as the first single girl? And when the moon comes out and the hotel guests toss their inhibitions away... Chelsea: Do you have anything against a threesome? Narrator: ...they leave their clothes behind as well.

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Notes (100)

  • Paradise Hotel is filmed in Acapulco, Mexico.

  • Beau's last name is Wolf.

  • Andon's last name is Guenther.

  • Toni's last name is Ferrari.

  • Series Premiere!

  • Melanie checks out of Paradise Hotel.

  • Monday Edition Premiere.

  • Dave's last name is Kerpen.

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Trivia (4)

  • Everytime someone checks out of Paradise, Amanda Byram tells that person that once they leave, they will be unable to return. But if someone comes back to the show, doesn't that go against what Amanda's been saying since the first episode?

  • At the party, the poster that was on the door said "Club Desire", but her name is spelled with one more "E" at the end.

  • At the end of the episode, host Amanda Byram hints that there will be a second season. However, this hint ended up not coming true. FOX didn't pick up a second season.

  • At the end of the episode, Keith told the rest of the group that he and Tara were going to take the rest of the group to Las Vegas. Although Keith didn't keep his promise, most of the cast did go anyway to celebrate Amy's birthday.

Allusions (1)

  • Tara: Alex kind of looks and acts like Ace Ventura.
    Ace Ventura was a character that Jim Carrey played in two movies. The first one came out in 1994, and the second in 1996. He was a pet detective who's a little bit on the goofy side, but always gets the job done. A year later, the animated TV show premiered that was based on the movies, yet it didn't have Jim Carrey voice for Ace. The show lasted for four years.