Paranormal Challenge

Travel Channel (ended 2011)
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  • S 1 : Ep 12

    Jerome Grand Hotel

    Aired 9/16/11

  • S 1 : Ep 11

    USS Hornet

    Aired 9/9/11

  • S 1 : Ep 10

    Linda Vista Hospital

    Aired 8/26/11

  • S 1 : Ep 9

    La Purisima

    Aired 8/19/11

  • S 1 : Ep 8

    Old South Pittsburgh Hospital

    Aired 8/12/11

  • Cast & Crew
  • Zak Bagans


  • Dave Schrader

    Head Judge

  • Billy Tolley

    Tech Expert

  • Gary Galka

    Guest Judge

  • Patrick Burns (I)

    Guest Judge

  • show Description
  • In Paranormal Challenge, host Zak Bagans invites two teams of amateur ghost hunters to spend the night locked down inside haunted hotspots. During the night, the teams will put their paranormal skills to the test by conducting a ghost investigation with high-tech gear and their own knowledge. The teams will then present their findings to Bagans and a panel of three paranormal experts who judge the teams on teamwork, use of technology and evidence collected during the lockdown.moreless

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  • Notes (21)

    • The Rolling Hills Asylum was also investigated by Zak's other Travel Channel's paranormal TV show Ghost Adventures in its fourth season episode "Rolling Hills Sanitarium". It's also been investigated by TAPS in the second season Ghost Hunters episode "Worthington Home/Asylum".

    • Tri-State Paranormal assisted the GAC in an attempted experiment with the "Winchester Mystery House". While Zak and Co. were at the mansion, Tri-State was operating during at Bobby Mackey's Music World as the second part of the experiment while Mark and Debby Constantino were at the Old Washoe Club. They experienced some odd things at Mackey's during the investigation.

    • Eastern State Penitentiary was featured on Scariest Places on Earth first season's "Episode 2".

    • Eastern State Penitentiary was also investigated twice on the Syfy Channel's TV show Ghost Hunters, in the first season episode "Eastern State Penitentiary" and the second season's "Eastern State/Vacation Home". It was also investigated in the spin-off show Ghost Hunters Academy episode "Back To Basics". The Prison was investigated by MTV's Fear in the first season episode "Eastern State Penitentiary". It's also been visited by Ghost Adventures in the second season episode "Eastern State Penitentiary".

    • Nathan Schoonover of the New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society had previously participated in a televised investigation of Pennhurst State on his own short lived A&E show Extreme Paranormal in the episode "Pennhurst Insane Asylum".

    • Pennhurst was also investigated on the A&E paranormal TV show Extreme Paranormal in the episode "Pennhurst Insane Asylum". TAPS also investigated the institution in their seventh season Ghost Hunters episode "Pennsylvania Asylum", and later that same season in their "Live Halloween Special". It was also used by the Ghost Adventures crew in the third season episode "Pennhurst State".

    • The Ohio State Penitentiary at Mansfield was featured on Scariest Places on Earth in the second season's "Episode 8".

    • The Mansfield Reformatory would later be featured on the spin-off series Ghost Hunters Academy, who investigated the location with its second of cadets, in the episode "Schooled At Shawshank". It has also been investigated on the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures in the third season episode "Ohio Reformatory". It's also been investigated on Ghost Hunters in the second season episode "Shawshank Prison/Lizzie Borden".

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    Trivia (22)

    • Featured Paranormal Teams
      Paranormal Xpeditions:
      Rachel Hoffman - Lead Investigator
      Danielle Minacapelli - 2nd Investigator
      Tina Storer - Tech Manager

      Resident Undead Paranormal:
      Adam Kimmel - Lead Investigator
      Dan Hooven - 2nd Investigatort
      Jim Leopardo - Tech Manager

    • Also Appearing:
      Charlie Adams - Eastern State Penitentiary Historian

    • Featured Paranormal Teams
      Northampton County Paranormal:
      Scott Wiley - Lead Investigator
      Chris McGowan - 2nd Investigator
      Scott Burke - Tech Manager

      Tri State Paranormal Research:
      Sharon Hensen - Lead Investigator
      Peter Gargiulo - 2nd Investigator
      Tony Nistico - Tech Manager

    • Also Appearing:
      Patrick Smith - Pennhurst Historian

    • Featured Paranormal Teams
      New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society:
      L'Aura Hladik - Lead Investigator
      Nathan Schoonover - 2nd Investigator
      Rob Reid - Equipment Tech

      Quest Paranormal:
      Kenny Weikel - Lead Investigator
      Elaine De Angelo - 2nd Investigator
      Bob Barrasso - Equipment Tech

    • Also Appearing:
      Mike Middleton - Ohio State Reformatory Expert

    • Featured Paranormal Teams
      Steel Town Paranormal:
      Melanie Durish - Lead Investigator
      Carrie Mitchell - 2nd Investigator
      Chris Durish - Equipment Tech

      Eerie Paranormal:
      Gary Hunley
      Darcy Hunley

    • Also Appearing:
      Tom Stiles - West Virginia Penitentiary Historian
      Lt Edward Littell - Former West Virginia Penitentiary Guard

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  • Zak is A Quack

    By antiparanormal, Nov 25, 2014

  • Paranormal Un-Challenge

    By boydsfoolishrose, Jun 06, 2014

  • Zak Bagan's ego grew too big that he abandoned Nick and Aaron to make his own show.

    By jmbsonic555, Dec 11, 2011

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