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A&E (ended 2011)
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  • S 6 : Ep 8

    If I Should Die...

    Aired 5/2/11

  • S 6 : Ep 7

    Get Out of This House

    Aired 5/2/11

  • S 6 : Ep 6

    Southern Discomfort at Sweetwater Mansion

    Aired 4/25/11

  • S 6 : Ep 5


    Aired 4/25/11

  • S 6 : Ep 5


    Aired 4/25/11

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ryan Buell

    PRS Rounder and Director

  • Michelle Belanger

    Psychic Medium

  • Josh Light

    Tech Specialist

  • Katrina Weidman


  • Sergey Poberezhny

    Tech Speciialist

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  • Ryan Buell is just an ordinary college kid. He attends classes at Penn State University, deals with schedules, school work, parties, girls, and so forth. However, he is also a member of one of the first university sanctioned paranormal research groups in the country, The Paranormal Research Society (PRS). Each week, outside parties ranging from The Catholic Church to ordinary families, contact the PRS to request help in dealing with a terrifying real life mystery often involving poltergeists, hauntings and the darkest areas of the unknown. Broadcast History: December 10, 2007 - May 18, 2009: Monday 10:00 pm ET (A&E) December 15, 2009 - February 9, 2010: Tuesday 10:00 pm ET (A&E) October 17, 2010 - November 28, 2010: Sunday 9:00 pm ET (A&E) April 11, 2011 - May 2, 2011: Monday 10:00 pm ET (A&E).moreless

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    • Ryan: Ghosts, and especially demonic forces, they don't just show up. Okay, there are reasons for that. Matthew is sensitive and they notice Matthew because Matthew can notice back.

    • Shelly: (speaking to the spirit in the home) If there is any evil in this room, I want you to know you will not push my son your way!

    • Lorraine Warren: (in Jodi's room) I feel the anger... there's a lot going on here. It's a wonder the roof don't come off this place!

    • Ryan: (discussing the demonic presence he's been sensing) That name is popping up everywhere. Eilfie: So you think we got something tagging along? Ryan: No, no. This thing knew we were coming. It's ready for a fight.

    • (Chip writes down something on a piece of paper and passes it to Ryan, who looks freaked)
      Ryan: Why did you write this name down?!
      Chip: That's what I just got. Do you know that?
      Ryan: Yes I do.
      Chip: Is it a demon?
      (Ryan nods his head yes)

    • Emily: (after Ray says the demon's name) Just for the record, it's not good to say the name you heard out loud.
      Ray: It ought to be a fun night, then, 'cause it's about the third time I've said it.

    • Teena: (desperate for help against a demon) I don't know what to do, I'm at a loss.
      Ryan: You take away the demonic, and there's still a lot of depression, a lot of sadness, and there's still a lot of struggle. If the demonic are here, they have a lot to feed off of. And that's what it does, it finds the ones that are kind of...
      Teena: Weakened to begin with.
      Ryan: Uh huh. And then it works them.
      Teena: So we kind of brought it on ourselves.

    • (talking about the negative entity in the home) Chip: It wants the child. There is something very negative in this house and it wants the kid.

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    Notes (21)

    • The Paranormal Research Society was founded back in September 2001 by Ryan Buell at Penn State.

    • This case was the Paranormal Research Society's 43rd investigation.

    • Keith Johnson, one of the demonologists called in to assist PRS with driving out the demon, was a member of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) and starred in that capacity in the first season of Ghost Hunters, and in the following seasons made some guest appearances.

    • Ryan was very apprehensive about going out onto the pond with Eilfie because he had never paddled a canoe before.

    • Ron Milione, the EVP expert consulted by PRS for this case, has also appeared on several Ghost Hunters episodes as their paranormal tech developer, and is associted with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS).

    • Shannon Sylvia joined the group New England Paranormal shortly after NEP investigated her home. Paranormal State did their investigation after she joined NEP. She later became a member of TAPS and appeared on the first season of the series Ghost Hunters International as an investigator. She is now an independent investigator of the paranormal, as well as working as a graphic designer and owner of a cake shop.

    • On the complete season one DVD set, this episode is called "The Boy and the Barn".

    • Guest Tech Specialist Chad Calek makes his first appearance on Paranormal State. Ryan would later produce Calek's documentary movie American Ghost Hunter.

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    Trivia (116)

    • Also Appearing:
      Andrew Blai - Psychologist
      Shelly Seighman - Client, Matthew's Mother
      Matthew Seighman - Client
      Bryan Seighman - Matthew's Father
      James Testa - Neighbor
      Mike and Lori Dropik - Friends of Timothy Shirey

    • Goof: When the episode first shows Matthew and Shelly Seighman, her name is spelled Shelly. Later in the episode when Ryan interviews her it is spelled Shelley.

    • According to the "Heather Cam", it's January 1, 2007 when they film the second night of the investigation.

    • Also Appearing:
      Robert Greiner - Kreider Family Descendant

    • Nitpick: The homeowner hands Ryan several newspaper articles about six murders that supposedly occured in her house located in Elizabethtown, PA. However, the Kreider family murders did not occur in Pennsylvania at all, but rather in North Dakota. There is a Pennsylvania connection to the case, however- the surviving children were brought to Lancaster County, which is where Elizabethtown is located, so it's possible the survivors lived in her house.

    • The name of the spirit following Ryan is Belial. Ryan has since reported that the spirit is no longer following him.

    • Also Appearing:
      Sandra Johnson - Demonologist

    • Also Appearing:
      Helen Isenberg - Client
      Ray Isenberg - Helen's Husband
      Justin Isenberg - Helen's Son

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    Allusions (3)

    • Belial

      Belial, the name of the demon Ryan and Chip were getting, is mentioned in the King James Bible 14 times, in Deuteronomy, Judges, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 1 Chronicles, and 2 Corinthians.

    • Matt Franson: (on being a cemetary caretaker) I compare it to the boatman who carries people over the River Styx- I take them to their final resting place.

      He is referring to the boatman Charon of Greek mythology, who ferries the dead across the River Styx (or Acheron, according to some sources) into the Underworld for a fee. Those who die without having a coin for Charon were left to spend eternity wailing beside the River, unable to cross over into their destined afterlife.

    • Malphas (aka Malthus):

      According to the Pseudomonarchia Daemona (1583),"Malphas is a great president, he is seene like a crowe, but being cloathed with humane image, speaketh with a hoarse voice, be buildeth houses and high towres wonderfullie, and quicklie bringeth artificers togither, he throweth downe also the enimies edifications, he helpeth to good familiars, he receiveth sacrifices willinglie, but he deceiveth all the sacrificers, there obeie him fourtie legions."

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  • I feel this is the best paranormal show on TV. I watch every episode I can and cannot wait for the new ones. I truly believe they are all very dedicated to helping people who encounter the paranormal espicially Ryan Buell. At times I get very worried

    By PeggyHudson, Sep 04, 2011

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