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    The lead story??!! PLLLEEEAASSSEEE

    By freddybastone3873, Feb 17, 2014

    Its amazing that in 2014 a azzzz all star game zzzzz (basketball) is the lead story.

    u guys metion 10 different basketball players for the story.

    and when u go to the story that matters (olimpic hockey) u mention 2 players .

    then after making the woman's hockey team a after thought ,

    u go to this twittermentality and speak about some prima donnas thoughts and did u like Pharrel's


    i always looked forward to u guys at the end of the day especially a day wear i tune in and see this mindless banter about morals in sports by frick and frak on "take lude".

    come on guys don't looze your smarts to the facebook dicks.

    i have hope ,FBmoreless

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    Bill's review of Jason Witlock

    By Wmjanet, Dec 03, 2013

    Trying to rate this guy a 10+. He was excellent. Knows what he was talking about and would like to see more of him

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    lebron james

    By williammhobbs, Mar 30, 2013

    I love watching your show everyday. I agree with the both of you most of the time accept this time concerning Lebron James. The two fouls on him against the Chicago Bulls were not basketball plays. If they were then I, as a coach of elementary, middle, and high school freshman players will start teaching them to foul like this because it is allowed.. Were we watching the same game? Lebron could have been hurt with the Gibson foul. His legs bent backwards. What would have happened then? I am tired of hearing that a player should not complain when they speak up for themselves because they are so big and strong. If a player wants to defend against these guys, then go to the gym and work out or play better defense Lastly , if the fouls against Lebron weren't flagrant then don't call one on Lebron against Boozer. After all he's big and strong and should be able to take it. If those fouls had happened against other superstars of the past, they would have been given consequences. I have lost my faith in the NBA game because it no longer exhibits the game as it has been taught to youngsters as it was meant to be played.moreless

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    By seahawksrule, Dec 19, 2012

    How dare you threaten a quarterbacks legs! Tony you are pathetic and you don't deserve to be a sports announcer on or off tv. You definetly need to make a formal apology to russell wilson and ten you should have to step down

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    Entertaining show discussing the latest sports headlines.

    By pudgebyrd722, Mar 10, 2012

    Pardon the Interruption is an enjoyable-enough show on ESPN usually featuring the duo of Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. They try to bring creativity to how they discuss the latest sports news, including time limits and games like "Over/Under" and "Report Card" featuring Around the Horn host, Tony Reali. The other Tony, as in Kornheiser, is my favorite of the cast. I agree with most things he says and he is a funny guy. Wilbon on the other hand, grinds my gears. He acts like he knows everything when he obviously doesn't and he can be seriously annoying. I'm sure Kornheiser has wanted to punch him in the face two or three times every now and then. However, this is probably the show I watch the most after school in the afternoon, and I look forward to keep doing so.moreless

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    Hey idiots on PTI, the term LOL does not stand for Lots of Laughs ! The abbreviation LOL means Laugh Out Loud ! Dumb asses get yer homework done right !

    By StevenWarren2, Jan 28, 2011

    I don't mind watching you guys on T.V but you 2 sounds like you guys like hearing yourselves talk sometimes it sounds like you guys have absolutely no idea what you are talking about !

    It sounds like you 2 are just talking to fill space on T.V when you have no clue what you have to talk about. When The bell rings it means DONE ! stop talking ! Next topic ! That is the biggest piss off about the 2 of you on T.V, is you guys don't even know what the stupid bell is for ? or you do and you just, like I said earlier, just like hearing your annoying voices over and over about topics that have no matter in the world of sports ! The thing you guys talk about have absolutely no importance about anything that is gong on in the news of any professional sport being played right now ! It is just 2 old guys just flapping their gums about stuff that is beyond them and everything this show is supposed to be about !

    YOU SUCKmoreless

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    Boring's a better word to describe it, but that's not an option. PTI is the most boring all sports debate show, I've ever watched!

    By simpsonian100, Jan 27, 2011

    Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon (or as I call them, the old guy and the bald guy) are two of the most boring debaters on TV! They spend a certain amount of time debating about each topic, and their opinions are just blank! The only things I like are the big finish, and when they do some kind of ranking. Wilbon says "Same time tomorrow, knuckleheads," but I have a feeling that one of these tomorrows, the show will be cancelled.moreless

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    30 minutes just isn't enough, at the rate these guys go through sports with some of the best comments they could fill a whole hour.

    By DukeChase, Jan 27, 2011

    Tony and Mike are the best. Their in-depth knowledge of the sports they banter about is commendable. I have never enjoyed a sports talk show more than I have watching these guys. Their occasional jabs at each other is great light-hearted fun. The arguing back and forth over the smallest of details is great.

    Keep up the great job and look forward to hopefully a full hour of the two best guys in sports.

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    Tony and Mike argue about sports. They give you a rundown on the side of the tv what they are going to talk about. They argue about day to day sports and each others opinions.

    By lookimsowhite, Jan 27, 2011

    To me this is the best show ever. I love how Tony and Mike argue about sports. They make the show so exciting. They talk about day to day sports and things that are good and bad in sports today. They rate certain sports teams on events that happened that day. They give reviews about opinions. They talk about athletes who get hurt or who doing bad or good. This show is the best. I can't miss one day of it. Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheisher always disagree about points. In the end they have the toss up which means they talk about what team is better. They also talk about good shows to watch after later on that day. BEST SHOW EVER!moreless

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