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  • Tony: Goodnight Canada

  • Tony: Goodnight Canada.

  • Kornheiser: (LeBron James hungry for a title now that Wade has won?) Get a sandwich! Go to the Pom', order a steak! You're hungry? Do something about it!

  • Kornheiser: (in response to Mark Cuban using a stairmaster during an interview) Cuban is not dressed appropriately for an adult, which is the way he always is. Get off the treadmill, towel off, and then have the interview! What does he think -- that he's Richard Simmons? We get it Mark, you work out!

  • Wilbon: Pardon the Interruption, but I'm Mike Wilbon. Tony, 70% of Germans are more likely to have sex after a World Cup match. How about you? Kornheiser: I'm Tony Kornheiser. Well, today I was 4 for 4!

  • Kornheiser: (in respose to Raja Bell/Willis Reed comparisons) Raja Bell -- great PTI guest. That's nice. Game seven, NBA Finals, the captain of the team, the MVP of the league, the last possible game -- this is what, game 4!? To equate Raja Bell to Willis Reed is sacrilege!

  • Wilbon: (in response to Tony saying U.S. soccer has more of a chance than the Oilers at winning) You are a fool! That is the most ridiculous thing you've ever said in "Toss Up!" You ought to be embarrassed.

  • Kornheiser: (on who has a cooler soccer coach) If you notice, they're both wearing jeans -- that's very, very strong. The Togo guy has that 1965 look, with the chest hair, but I'm going with the Mexico guy because of the secret ingredient: he's a chain-smoker. FIFA has told him he can't even smoke on the sidelines. He smokes all the time. I would think it would be so cool if Pat Riley or Bill Parcells wore jeans on the bench and just brought a pack of Kool's wrapped up in their sleeves! I think that would be very cool!

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  • Headlines Heat -- Did the best team win? Wade -- Fair to compare Wade to MJ? Riley -- Vindication for Riley? Shaq -- Shaq's dominance over? Cuban -- Should Mavs fans feel slighted? Cards/Sox -- Was retaliation intentional? Ozzie -- Discipline for comments? Marlins -- Will Marlins stay in race? USA Soccer -- Excited for Ghana match?

  • Mail Time! Stan van -- How is van Gundy feeling? Lakers -- Shaq taking shots at Phil & Kobe? Stairmaster -- Interview while working out? Howard -- Dropping trow during game?

  • Happy Happy Time Happy 24th birthday, Prince William! Happy Anniversary, Vitali Klitschko! Happy Trails, Kerry Wood?

  • TV Picks Wilbon: It's summertime. Get out of the house. Put the clicker down and get out! Tony: I want to watch the NBC show, America's Got Talent, hosted by our friend Regis Philbin, and created by my boy, Simon Cowell.

  • SportsCenter Topic Ozzie -- Is Ozzie out of control? Wilbon: We're still getting a handle on who Ozzie Guillen is. Kornheiser: I think he gets a pass on a lot of things.

  • The Big Finish Henry -- Breathalyzer to drive his car? Howard -- Will Howard lead league in HR? Straw (Darryl Strawberry) -- Playing in Old Timers' Game? Coach K -- Trying times at Duke? N'Western -- Women's soccer coach resigns? LeBron -- Hungry after seeing D-Wade win? World Cup -- USA or Ghana?

  • Headlines Suns -- Who controls this series? Pistons -- Will Pistons win tonight? Bonds -- Race not a factor? Lance -- Cleared of blood doping? Tussle -- Fight after match at French? Spelling -- Spelling vs. NHL Game 7?

  • Five Good Minutes with Roger Clemens Why the comeback? Saying no to other teams? Big help for Astros? Is this last year for sure?

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Trivia (248)

  • Errors Reali: USA lost to the Czechs 3-0, but Ghana beat the Czechs 2-0, not 5-0. Pat Riley was the second guy to go to the Finals with three teams and win with two.

  • Errors Reali: "Akilli and the Bee", Tony? "Akeela", my man!

  • Errors Reali: I believe the Olsen Twins are not identical, so maybe you can tell them apart, Wilbon. Maybe Bob Saget can, maybe you can't.

  • Errors Reali: No soup for you! Team USA has beaten European teams in the World Cup -- it's on European soil, that's the stat that you blew. Bob Evans? That's the sausage guy. Robert Evans -- The Godfather, The Godfather II.

  • Errors Reali: You guys were clean and Jimmy Roberts correct in saying Phil tied Sam Sneed with 4 second place finishes.

  • Errors Reali: Brian Wilson has never surfed. Cuban's fines -- $1.65 million since taking over in 2000.

  • Bob Ryan filled in for Tony Kornheiser, as it was Tony's day off (according to Wilbon).

  • Happy Birthday: Roddy White! Happy Anniversary: Steve Carlton! In 1978 he won the Cy Young Award for the Phillies, winning 27 of the team's 59 wins. Happy Trails: Jake Locker! He will miss Washington's game against Oregon, due to an injured rib.

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