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    By DasansMom, Apr 26, 2014

    I honestly wish my parents had of done that for me. It's funny to see how they still pick the boyfriend in the end and others realize how many great people there are but, I don't like that there are no update shows or at least, I don't know of any.

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    I like

    By willina001, Jul 10, 2013

    I think this show is a good way to past time. If you criticize the show and you don't like it don't watch it. lol ;)

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  • 4.5

    Don't Script it.

    By av2113, Apr 23, 2013

    I think that this show would be much better, if it wasn't so fake. You don't know what to believe, cause it is so scripted. Try making more realistic.

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    Scripted and Stupid, yet entertaining

    By sympatheticrtic, Jan 20, 2013

    Though this show is clearly scripted, it manages to be more entertaining than shows like Jersey Shore and Ridiculousness. Please understand that this is no way a great show but it manages to put the factor of "mystery" in the show and I suppose that is why people stay to watch it. By mystery factor, I of course mean what kind of person will the child going on these dates choose? and who or what kind of nonsense will the the person watching their significant other have to say or feel about their boyfriend/girlfriend going on these dates with another person? I don't take this show seriously, I kind of look at it as a show that is watchable when there is nothing else on television but nothing to take seriously. It's entertainment value that's all it is, and viewers should take that into account when watching the show. I mean seriously, there is no way that, someone could go on a date with a completely random person they don't even know that well and within a few minutes decide which date she/he wants to choose, when most relationships have take time to build. Do I recommend the show? Not really, but if you happen to flip by this show and there is nothing else to watch, just take a gander at it, who knows, maybe you'll actually find it interesting.moreless

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    A horribly scripted dating show, that makes one liners from movies like Terminator and Die Hard look like Robert Frost.

    By barkbarkdiedie, May 16, 2010

    WTF happened to MTV? There used to be shows worth watching inbetween ACTUAL music videos being played. This channel has turned into nothing but scripted "reality" dating and teeny bopper shows. Are any MTV "reality" shows real anymore? I am starting to highly doubt it. Trying to convince a hardcore MTV fan these shows are scripted, is like explaining to a redneck wrestling is fake. I gave this show 1 point for getting these actors to say the crap they wrote. If anyone actually takes this show seriously, they need to be taken outside and shot. If you still watch this show only for the comical value, then i'll lesser your sentence to a beating within inches of your life.moreless

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    Its so horrible i don't know where to start, it just completely boggles the mind.

    By vanish1337, May 16, 2010

    It is my firm belief that the creator of this show deserves to die a horrible death for the pain he has caused the world.

    Please have a heart attack.



    ps. Hmm it seems i need more words in my review for it to be posted, i didn't really want to enrage myself further but i guess i could say a few words...parental control is: extremely obvious its scripted, the parents don't act like parents, in fact, i don't think anybody that has ever existed in the entire history of the universe acts like that much of a **** the show makes me want to do something extreme, but i cant think of what, because the show boggles my mind so much i dont know what to do. I fear for the minds of the younger generation, and i hope no more shows like this make their way onto television, for the good of mankind.

    Terrible, terrible show, i also feel the same way about date my mum, and next.moreless

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    This show is completely FAKE.

    By sonic__323, May 16, 2010

    This show is about parents who don't want their son or daughter to date a guy or girl because they believe that their son or daughter's boyfriend or girlfriend is bad for them and will just cause trouble so they have to pick 2 new boyfriends or girlfriends to go out with the parents' son or daughter. In the end, the son or daughter has to pick either one of the new girls or guys or the same girlfriend or boyfriend. Well, I gotta say that this show is fake because this show is scripted. The parents and contestants are wearing earpieces so the producers can tell them their lines and plus the houses look the same meaning they look big but still the same but not every house can be big.

    Overall, this show is not worth your time so I don't reccommend this show to anyone. If your a fan of this show and reading my review, now you know the truth and this concludes my review on this fake show.moreless

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  • 1.5

    *gets on knees and yells to the sky*WHHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

    I watched about 5 episodes and what I saw was horrific.

    By SavF, Oct 01, 2008

    I watched this show yesterday on MTV. What I have to say is this: What..The..Heck? So, parents pick new dates for their son or daughter because for some odd reason their son or daughters old girlfriend/boyfriend is some rude, unpolite mofo. Obviously MTV doesnt know the meaning of relationships because if thecouple have been together 2 years, they go on a show and pick some NEW person they new for one day. Make sense? No. But anyways, the one thing that makes this show funny are the one liners and the arguments between parents and the old boyfriend or girlfriend. I thought the arguments were pretty well put together if you know what I mean. Also, the person that the son or daughter eliminates seems to always over react, like getting angry. Why get angry over someone you knew for an hour? Theres obviously alot of things about this show that are just plain idiotic, but if you like junk like this be my guess and have fun watching.moreless

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    Completely fake.

    By ShyXena, Aug 08, 2008

    This show is mainly about teenager's parent who hate the person the teen is going out with and find 2 news dates for them (the teen).

    This show is pretty good. Interesting to see how the person reacts with their blind date and if they like them or not. I saw 4 episodes in a row and what I don't like about this show is that, at the end, the person who gone through different dates always, ALWAYS, pick their old boyfriend/girlfriend. Why are they on the show then if they're staying with their significant other?! Another thing is: Why are all the parents houses rich, beautiful and big?!

    That leads me to think that this show is completely fake and scripted. Period.moreless

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