Parks and Recreation Will Return for Season 7, Says NBC Chief Bob Greenblatt

By Jen Trolio

Jan 19, 2014

We can now cross at least one show off the early draft of our annual "top 10 bubble shows" list, because Parks and Recreation will be back for Season 7, NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt said Sunday during the network's executive session at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. 

Greenblatt's decision to actually make the announcement came after some "prodding," let's call it, from Hitfix's Daniel Feinberg

When asked about the network's Thursday-night struggles—and more specifically, the .06 rating suffered by The Michael J. Fox Show in its most recent episode—Greenblatt spoke at length about being "really unhappy" that NBC can't find an audience for not only The Michael J. Fox Show, but Sean Saves the World. He said the comedy block isn't "anywhere near where we'd like it to be," but then he brought up Parks and Rec and Community, and explained that while both shows are "strong possibilities" to return, "it's always dicey to say anything definitive ... but we're feeling bullish on Parks and Rec."

At that point is was all over. 

A bit of backstory for those of you who haven't been sitting with the rest of us in a hotel ballroom for the past 10 days: "Bullish" has been sort of a buzzword, spreading like herpes from the mouth of one network exec to another. Fox boss Kevin Reilly is "bullish" on The Mindy Project. The CW president Mark Pedowitz is "bullish" on Reign. At some point earlier in the week, I joked to a fellow writer that "bullish" is to TCAs what "robust" was to Veep in early Season 2.

Anyway, Feinberg asked Greenblatt whether there'd been a memo about using the word, and asked for a definition. Greenblatt fired back: "What do you think 'bullish' means? 'Bullshit-ish?' 'Bullish' means a 50-50 chance." And then he followed up with, "Parks and Rec will have a seventh season," and joked that "this will be the ONE headline" to come out of today's panels.

Well, it won't be the only headline—I'll be writing up the rest of NBC's TCA announcements soon, and they include a three-year overall production deal with Amy Poehler, so more Parks and Rec makes a lot of sense. But it will be the first headline you read on Because more Parks and Rec! Hooray!

It's also worth noting that NBC entertainment president Jennifer Salke was quick to jump in and say that Parks and Rec coming back "doesn't mean that Community won't." As I mentioned above, Greenblatt said the show is a "strong possibility," for returning; given the show's creative resurgence in Season 5 and Greenblatt's statements, I'd say we have a good chance of getting those six seasons and a movie after all. 

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  • nasedoofantar Jan 21, 2014

    I'd like to see a Parks & Rec spinoff after it runs it's course, or Amy Poehler /Nick Offerman/Aziz Ansari/Aubrey Plaza calls it quits. Something set in & showcasing the absurd town of Pawnee & it's residents.

    A show centered around Ron Swanson would be awesome. He could do woodworking full time, be a wilderness guide, or a forest ranger. Call it Swanson's World, Swanson Woodshop, or Ron F@#king Swanson. Not sure how to have him in the wilderness all the time with his new family. Maybe he leaves the government & they move to one of his cabins when the Zorpies gain control of Pawnee again. That could be how Parks & Rec ends.

    Ditto for April Ludgate-Dwyer: veterinarian.

  • Tunacarlos Jan 20, 2014

    I love both Parks and Community they are two of my favorite comedies. I am so happy they are strong possibilities to return

  • Spoontown Jan 20, 2014

    P & R deserves another series, Community should have ended after 3 if that gets 6 seasons it would be a surprise, and a movie, give me a break that's just a hashtag in reality it's about the last show that could support a movie.

  • slayme3 Jan 20, 2014

    #sixseasonsandamovie awwww yeah! i like Parks ok but Community is not just better - it's the best comedy on network tv! i've said it before and i'll say it again - #sixseasonsandamovie

  • hulutvp3 Jan 20, 2014

    Yes Parks and Recreation the best cast on TV. Amy Poehler's momentum just gets stronger. I am so happy I can slap a clown.

  • Adokensan Jan 20, 2014

    WOW, this is fantastic news! I really hope Community will be back as well!

  • EsmeBuffay Jan 20, 2014

    I really hope they both come back, Community has had it's ups and downs, it took awhile to find it's footing in season one and season four was a low point for everyone but it's become one of the better comedies currently on television and Parks and Rec has been completely stellar every since Ben and Chris were introduced in season two.

  • TonyMutu Jan 19, 2014

    Fuck yeah! Parks and Rec and Community are the best comedies out there right now!

  • thorthorsen Jan 19, 2014

    treat yo self to six seasons and a movie!

  • Taccado Jan 20, 2014

    What an excellent mix of references.

  • dahogginme Jan 19, 2014 see 2b

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