Ron and Tammy

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  • Tammy: If I'd had a park like that growing up, I probably wouldn't have gone through such a prolonged mall-slut phase.

  • Leslie: What do you mean, "No?" Everyone has a weakness. Ron: Not machines. I honestly believe she was programmed by someone in the future to come back and destroy all happiness.

  • Ron: Tammy is a mean person. She's a grade-A bitch. Every time she laughs, an angel dies. Even telemarketers avoid her. Her birth was payback for the sins of man, but you know the worst thing about her? Leslie: She works for the library.

  • Leslie: Well, I'm too classy to say "I told you so, Donna", so I wrote it on a post-it.

  • Tammy: Les, there are two kinds of women in this world – there are women who work hard and stress out about doing the right thing, and then there are women who are cool.

  • Tom: I've never taken the high road, but I tell other people to. 'Cuz then there's more room for me on the low road.

  • Leslie: News flash! We're screwed! We've got a big problem with the library. Tom: Punk-ass book jockies! Ann: Wait -- why do we hate the library? Leslie: The library is the worst bunch of people assembled in history. They're mean, caniving, rude and extremely well read which makes them very dangerous.

  • Leslie: Pawnee's library department is the most diabolical, ruthless bunch of bureaucrats I've ever seen. They're like a biker gang. Only instead of shotguns and crystal meth, they use political savvy and shushing.

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  • Original International Air Dates: Canada: November 5, 2009 on CityTV

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  • With Gus' retirement, Andy takes over the shoeshine stand and becomes a regular fixture in Pawnee City Hall.