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    Endearing Show

    By TheAbleTravel, Jun 10, 2013

    While this was not a guy oriented show, one of the things I liked so much about Partners was the chemistry between the characters. Jon Cryer was perfectly cast as Bob, and Catherine Lloyd Burns was hilarious as Bob and Owens accident-prone assistant. Everyone always looked like they were having fun and one could sense that they were friends off-set as well.

    Maria Pitillo (Alicia) and Tate Donovan (Owen) had previous history, having been set up on a blind date some time before Partners was green-lighted by Fox. While they didn't hit it off romantically, Pitillo, who had been hired first, called on Donovan to audition for the show, and as luck would have it, had already expressed interest in the part. The rest is history. This was a great show for its day and would have been a great companion to Friends had it been on NBC.moreless

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