Party of Five

FOX (ended 2000)
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  • S 6 : Ep 24

    ...That Ends Well (2)

    Aired 5/3/00

  • S 6 : Ep 23

    All's Well... (1)

    Aired 5/3/00

  • S 6 : Ep 22

    Falling Forward

    Aired 4/26/00

  • S 6 : Ep 21

    Taboo or Not Taboo

    Aired 4/19/00

  • S 6 : Ep 20

    Great Expectations

    Aired 4/18/00

  • Cast & Crew
  • Neve Campbell

    Julia Salinger

  • Lacey Chabert

    Claudia Salinger

  • Matthew Fox

    Charlie Salinger

  • Scott Wolf

    Bailey Salinger

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Sarah Reeves (episodes 23-121)

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  • show Description
  • Nothing could be worse than the sudden death of parents. One day Nick and Diana Salinger were killed in a terrible car crash, and left their five children all alone. Charlie (Matthew Fox), the oldest, will have to step in and take care of the family, serving both as father and brother. Bailey (Scott Wolf), the middle brother, tries to keep everything under control but undergoes an alcoholism problem when he realizes he can't do it all. Julia (Neve Campbell), a young girl who keeps jumping from one bad relationship to another. Claudia (Lacey Chabert), the youngest girl that plays the violin, who has to enter adolescence without any help of parents, and little baby Owen, who was only 6 months old when his parents died and thus will never know how it feels like to have a mother and a father. Together, they go through all sorts of problems, from handling their parents restaurant and trying to keep it running to disastrous relationships and school problems. Soon they realize that in order to survive, no one can be selfish and they all have to help each other. They're a family and have to stick together. Winner of the 1996 Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Series, this one hour show from Columbia Pictures Television empathizes the way a family uses creativity, humor and love taught by their parents to handle the conflicts and necessities of everyday life. The show ran for 6 seasons on Fox, when producers, actors and network decided to finish the show. The Opening Theme Song: "Closer to Free" performed by the BoDeans Awards and Nominations: • 2000 - Won! - ALMA Award for best emerging actor in a Drama Series - Wilson Cruz • 2000 - Nominated - GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding TV Individual Episode (for episode "I'll Show You Mine") • 2000 - Nominated - YoungStar Award (Lacey Chabert) • 2000 - Nominated - Young Artist Award (Guest Starring Young Actress - Ashley Edner) • 1999 - Nominated - YoungStar Award (Lacey Chabert) • 1999 - Nominated - Young Artist Award (Lacey Chabert) • 1999 - Nominated - Young Artist Award (Jacob Smith) • 1998 - Nominated - Young Artist Award (Guest Starring Young Actress - Allison Bertolino) • 1998 - Won! - YoungStar Award (Lacey Chabert) • 1998 - Nominated - YoungStar Award (Andrew and Steven Cavarno) • 1997 - Won! - YoungStar Award (Lacey Chabert) • 1997 - Nominated - YoungStar Award (Jennifer Love Hewitt) • 1997 - Nominated - Young Artist Award (Lacey Chabert) • 1997 - Nominated - for the Writers Guild of America Awards for best dramatic episode ("Falsies") • 1997 - Nominated - for The Golden Globe of Best TV Series Drama • 1996 - Won! - The Golden Globe for Best TV Series Drama • 1996 - Nominated - EMMY for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Sound Editing for a Series (in episode "The Wedding") • 1996 - Won! - Turner Prize • 1996 - Nominated - GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Television Series • 1996 - Nominated - Young Artist Award (Lacey Chabert) • 1995 - Nominated - Young Artist Award (Lacey Chabert) • 1995 - Nominated - by the Casting Society of America for Best Casting for TV (Pilot) • 1995 - Won! - the Humanitas Prizemoreless

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  • Quotes (669)

    • (Bailey and Julia talking) Julia: Do you ever think about them Bailey? Bailey: Yea of course I do. Julia: Well why don't we ever talk about them. I mean why don't we ever talk about it? Bailey: I don't know maybe we feel like we have to put on this brave face for Claud and Owen. But maybe thats stupid. Maybe we should talk about it. Maybe it would help. Julia: Sometimes I wonder if these feelings are ever gonna go away. Bailey: I don't know, I hope someday they will.

    • (Bailey's putting Owen to bed) Bailey: shh shh, Listen just to keep you up to date and don't take this the wrong way but I'm going crazy here. So unless I come up with some kind of nanny soon I'm gonna have to sell you off to white slave traders. Now I know that's not how you pictured yourself growing up but hey welcome to the club. sleep well.

    • (Bailey talking to Charlie) Bailey: We'll give up whatever we have to to get by and we'll let everyone think your this great guy just trying to hold his family together. Who's like a father to us even if we know it's a lie.

    • Charlie: Julia get down here now, family meeting. (Julia arrives) Me and Doug and a friend of his were gonna by into this co-op. We were gonna fix it up and sell it. The whole thing was gonna take a month tops. We would have doubled our money no questions asked. Except the guy took the money and split. Bailey: How much money did you loose Charlie? Charlie: 12 (long pause) thousand. Julia: Of your own money right? Bailey: So much for your lectures on responsibility. Is this why you wanted control of all the accounts so you could blow it all yourself?

    • (Bailey was searching for a nanny and picks up the phone and the phone was turned off) Charlie: Why didn't you pay the phone bill? Bailey: Why didn't I pay the phone bill? (Bailey getting louder) Why didn't I pay the phone bill?? Why didn't I pay the phone bill?

    • Bailey: What's the matter, Claud? Claudia: I'm scared. Bailey: Don't be. Charlie: We'll work it out. Claudia: (crying) This wouldn't have happened if Mom and Dad were here. Why aren't they here?

    • Claudia: You can't tell me what to do. Charlie: Oh yes I can, read the guardianship agreement. Bailey: Oh, would you shut up about that already, Charlie? A piece of paper does NOT make you a parent.

    • (Bailey and Will talking at school over Baileys crush on Kirsten) Bailey Any suggestions? Will: Ya snap out of it. Do you have any clue how to analyse the poem "To his coy mistress" in terms of its theme, metaphor, imagery and meter? Bailey: Not off the top of my head. Will: Well you better figure it out, cause if you spend the next 3 days mooning over this babysitter and blow this paper, you get put on academic probation and get benched from the team, and we loose another game. 10 other guys are gonna come to your house and do a job on your face so no girl will find you attractive again, OK?

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    Notes (159)

    • In this episode it's the actual time the show is named. Charlie is working for Joe and the family comes in to have their regular weekly dinner together. Joe says to the waitress "Get me the best table ready for The Salinger 's Party of Five."

    • Scott Grimes (Will McCorkle) does not appear in this episode.

    • Brandon and Taylor Porter take over the role of baby Owen, played in the pilot by Zachary and Alexander Ahnert.

    • This episode features Michael Goorjian's first appearance as Justin Thompson.

    • This is the first episode to feature the standard theme song in the opening credits.

    • Lauren Kenny O'Fallon is actually director Peter O'Fallon's daughter.

    • Featured Music: "Selling the Drama" by Live.

    • Featured Music: "Climb On" by Shawn Colvin "Fall Down" by Toad the Wet Spocket "Where Is Love" by Michael Shulman "Les Miserables" as Lacey Chabert "I'm So Sad That You're Happy" by Cindy Alexander

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    Trivia (11)

    • Notice the scene where the four younger Salinger kids are watching TV and eating breakfast in their pajamas, and Charlie comes in to announce that he is taking on the responsibility of being their caretaker. First of all, Lacey Chabert (Claudia) has said that this was her very first scene that she filmed for Party of Five. You'll also notice that Neve Campbell (Julia) is struggling with baby Owen. The actors have acknowledged in previous interviews that the baby was extremely fussy and crying a lot that day, and Campbell had to hold him and try to keep him as calm as possible.

    • In this episode guest star Debra Mooney (Gloria) first works with Scott Wolf, who will later guest star in the show "Everwood" where she is a regular.

    • When baby-sitter Bill brings Owen into the kitchen after the earthquake stops, Owen is not crying at all. I find it hard to believe that a baby would not be in absolute distress after something like that. Although I will say that the baby's eyes were a little red, as if he had been crying, but considering the earthquake had only stopped a few seconds earlier you would think he'd still be upset.

    • Sarah lives in the Cole Valley area of San Francisco.

    • Sarah's parents are Dillon and Marie Reeves. Sarah is named after her grandmother, Sarah Reeves. Sarah's grandma, and therefore the Reeves, are from old New England money. This is confirmed by her accent and the fact that she knew the Kennedys. Sarah was four days old when she was adopted. Her grandfather appears to have traveled with her parents to collect her from New York (as we piece together from later episodes and the spin-off). Her name was changed. The grandfather died within months (He died 15 years ago).

    • Julia Bowen, who turns down Charlie in this episode, would later appear on Lost as Matthew Fox's character's former wife.

    • Shawn says that he was living in Florianopolis, which is actually in Brazil, and not in Paraguay as he said.

    • The final scene of this episode allows Lacey Chabert (Claudia) to show off her passionate singing voice as she sings "Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas" with Julia. In previous interviews, Chabert has acknowledged that singing was always her first love, and that's what she wanted to do first and foremost, but she just happened to fall into acting, too.

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    Allusions (10)

    • The song This Woman's Work, sung by Kate Bush, is used at the very end of Charlie and Claudia's heartfelt scene together, as well as when Bailey goes in to see an injured Sarah at the hospital. Interestingly, this song was also used in a hospital scene for a Season 10 episode of the long-running family drama 7th Heaven.

    • S'Wunnerful Life: Episode Title This is a reference to "It's A Wonderful Life", a movie traditionally aired at Christmas time.

    • Fools Rush In: Episode Title This is a reference to a 1997 movie Fools Rush In, starring Matthew Perry & Salma Hayek.

    • A Mid-Semester's Night Dream: Episode Title A Mid Summer Night Dream is a popular play by William Shakespeare, oftenly done in school plays.

    • Julia: No, no, no, I am not writing a paper that says that if Jane Austen were alive today she would be writing for 'Ally McBeal.' An obvious allusion to FOX's popular drama/comedy series "Ally McBeal" starring Calista Flockhart, created by David E. Kelley.

    • Episode title is an allusion to the 1975 movie Dog Day Afternoon starring Al Pacino.

    • Great Expectations: Episode Title Great Expectations is a novel by Charles Dickens.

    • Episode Title: "Taboo Or Not Taboo" Play on the quote 'To be or not to be' from Shakespeare's Hamlet

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  • Fan Reviews (25)
  • best show of the 90's

    By JeremyKnight20, Feb 19, 2013

  • The best family drama of the 90's to watch!

    By RaineRP, Aug 26, 2006

  • I must say I can't get enough of this show. Each one of them has such a unique way about them. I must say I would love to see it every day. You get hooked on their story.

    By lillyear2005, Jun 06, 2008

  • Party of Five - pure heart felt emotions - touched almost every possible emotion

    By KrystalAubrey04, Oct 28, 2007

  • It's my favorite TV series of my childhood and then it was perfect for me. Now there are lots of dramas around which are very interesting but I dare not to compare Party of Five to them! It would be messing up with my precious memories from that times...

    By cartmanxxl, Aug 12, 2007

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