Party of Five

Best Laid Plans

Season 2, Ep 8, Aired 11/22/95
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  • Episode Description
  • Kristen prohibits Dudley to give Charlie a bachelor's party, so he asks Bailey if he would do it. Charlie runs into a desperate woman in the hallway of the hotel. Her husband is cheating on her. They go to the bar and have some drinks, and she asks him to sleep with her. They go up to her room and Bailey sees them. Charlie tells her that he's in love with Kristen and he won't sleep with her. Bailey is mad at him, but when he finds out what happened, he says their parents would be proud of him. Justin is mean to Julia, and they run into each other at a concert. They see Justin's father with another woman. He asks her what to do, and she asks him to forget about Griffin. Claudia's plans to make a special night for Kristen fail. Charlie is not sure about the wedding and flips a coin for it.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Lisa Melamed

  • Rodman Flender

  • Angela Dohrmann


  • Tim Conlon


  • Julia Campbell


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  • Quotes (3)

    • Julia: I love this song. Justin: I hate this song. Julia: Justin, this was our song. Justin: Exactly.

    • Charlie: Yeah. I'm the boss. I'm the boss, and kind of the dad... a couple of hours from now, I'll be the husband. If I had a clue how to be even one of those I'd be happy. (pause) There was this woman tonight. Last night, whatever it was. She wanted me to go to bed with her... and she was pretty and needy. Always a good combination, right George? It felt like this test, you know? The snake offering the apple, that kind of thing. And I said no. So if it was a test I passed it. Which means I ought to be feeling pretty good about it now. So, let me ask you a question. How come I still feel like I want to run away someplace? How come I feel like I can't breathe? How come it feels like someone's got their fist around my lungs?

    • Julia: Are you bringing anybody to the wedding? Bailey: A date? No. You? Julia: No. Griffin never would have come anyway. He probably doesn't even own a tie.

    Notes (3)

    • In this episode we learn that Charlie has slept with 30 girls until now.

    • Featured Music: "In Her Room" by Jonas Kiss "As I Lay Me Down" by Sophie B. Hawkins "If You Wanna Be Happy" by Jimmy Soul "Do You Sleep?" by Lisa Loeb

    • Scott Grimes (Will McCorkle) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (Sarah Reeves) do not appear in this episode, although they are featured in the opening credits.

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