Party of Five

Don't Let Go

Season 6, Ep 1, Aired 10/5/99
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  • Bailey tries to plan a perfect wedding for Charlie and Kirsten. But when his plans fail, he tells Charlie to plan his own wedding. Kirsten's parents come to town, but aren't supportive of her the engagement because of Charlie and Kirsten's previously failed marriage in the past. Claudia breaks up with Cody after she catches him cheating on her. Sarah confronts Bailey about his anger towards her. After an editor offers Julia a book deal, she quits college and moves home.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • P.K. Simonds

  • Steve Robman

  • Kathleen Noone

    Ellie Bennett

  • Nicholas Pryor

    Gene Bennet

  • Charles Hutchins

    Bird Guy

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    • Charlie: (to Bailey) Your tie is crooked. I'm not even going to ask you if you got the rings.

    • Charlie: I don't know if they're listening, cause we changed the location many, many, many times, but I hope Mom and Dad are out there. I want them to know a few things. A lot of you worried when they left that maybe things wouldn't turn out alright, that maybe we'd learn the wrong lessons from losing them, that we'd be so scared from losing them that we'd never attach ourselves to anything again, including each other. I can't speak for everyone, but I know what I learned. When something is important to you, you grab on with both hands and you don't even think about letting go. Letting go is not even an option. And I can't forget that now, because Kirsten, my wife (there's a concept) wouldn't be my wife for any other reason. So, I don't know what's next for us after this, but I know that I don't have to worry. Because my parents left me the secret to life. Mom and Dad, we never let go. And I don't believe we ever will.

    • Claudia: You know, I really don't want to hear that this whole thing, this new girl, this dancing guitar with lips, was just because we don't have sex, Cody.

    • Bailey: Ever since they died, for almost six years now, our family... we've been this thing... this thing, that we weren't even sure what it should be. But when all of us pull together... I don't know. It was good.

    • Priest: The lucky couple. Is that you? Bailey: What? Oh. Oh, no. It's my brother and his fiancĂ©. Sarah: But someday. Someday, maybe, I hope.

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    • Featured Music: "Like a California King" by Everclear "Miss You Love" by Silverchair "All Star" by Smashmouth "How's It Gonna Be" by Third Eye Blind "Unfazed" by The Waiting

    • Jennifer Aspen (Daphne Jablonsky) is promoted to a regular status.

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