Party of Five

Faith, Hope and Charity

Season 6, Ep 8, Aired 11/30/99
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  • Episode Description
  • Julia decides to break up with Evan after she discovers his emotional-unavailability. Claudia gets drunk when noone reacts on Derek's problems. Charlie considers leaving his job and working at the factory. Bailey spends time dating a lot of girls and gets interested in Holly. Daphne and Griffin survive a terrible motorcycle accident and the Salingers are ready to pay for his expensive hand surgery.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Melissa Rosenberg

  • Mimi Schmir

  • Daniel Attias

  • Wilson Cruz


  • Rhona Mitra

    Holly Marie Beggins

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    • Bailey: Do me a favor, will you? Talk to me for a minute and please don't laugh at everything that I say. Joe: Well, if you were a little less funny, or cute, and whatever the hell else your secret is.

    • Daphne: Victor. Victor: What? Why does it have to be me? You're the one stopping by every day to borrow sugar. They figured it out for themselves. I just didn't deny it.

    • Charlie: I thought I was the dog. You put me to shame. Bailey: It's nothin' to brag about, Charlie. Charlie: Nothin' to brag about? Bailey, two women begging for you, simultaneously? Bailey: That's the thing. They were begging. I mean, where is the challenge in that? You know, there's such a thing as the thrill of pursuit. Charlie: Way overrated. Take it from an old man who's had it both ways.

    • Brian (to Julia): Before I kiss you again or start behaving like an even bigger idiot, I'm just gonna go.

    • Bailey: I like you. Holly: I had a feeling. Bailey: I don't know if you noticed, but my suave charming levels are way up. Holly: Yeah, but you get serious points off for having to point that out. I like you too. Only, not as much as you like me. Which I sense is what's gonna keep you interested. Bailey: So you know my type, do you? Holly: Pre-med since freshman year. Refused to take any money off my parents so hence two part-time jobs. I'd rather drive than be a passenger. I think that ordering in a restuarant should be a competitive sport. Tell me that I can't do something or be something or have something... I'm there. See, I don't just know your type, Bailey, I am your type. Bailey: I could have told you that.

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    • Featured Music: "Mary on My Mind" by Billy Mann "What's My Age Again?" by Blink 182 "For the Movies" by Buckcherry

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