Party of Five

Hitting Bottom

Season 3, Ep 21, Aired 2/26/97
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  • Bailey is alone. The Salingers' strategy to not speak to him doesn't seem to be working, but he continues to alienate other people in his life with his constant drinking, and he even puts three-year-old Owen in danger. Elswhere, Claudia goes to Avery searching for answers for questions about her father, whom she blames for Bailey's problem. Griffin returns with a minor injury from a boating accident, and Julia encourages him to sue so he can be financially stable for a while while he looks for steady work.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • P.K. Simonds

  • Dennie Gordon

  • James Sloyan

    Avery Baltus

  • Robert Costanzo

    Arnie Horn

  • Cyd Strittmatter

    Nursery School Teacher

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  • A seemingly unsuccessful intervention with Bailey leaves the Salingers with very few options to save their brother...

    By ecgirl08, Dec 23, 2008

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    • Charlie: Why did you tell Claudia all that stuff about our father? Avery: Well, she came in all upset, and I just-- Charlie: Exactly. Exactly! She's upset. She's upset about drinking in our family, so you tell her that her father was some kind of abusive drunk? Why would you do that? Avery: Charlie, wait-- Charlie: Because this whole alcoholism thing, the way it works, she's gonna think that whatever happened to Dad is gonna happen to Bailey! Avery: She asked me what I remember. All I did was-- Charlie: The fact of the matter is that Dad was never that bad! I remember him from back then too, you know, and I don't remember any of the stuff that you told Claudia. I mean, he drank too much, sure, and there was some yelling, definitely, but he got his act together pretty quickly, and Bailey will too. So as far as all this stuff you told Claudia, I don't know, maybe you have your own reasons for believing it, but we don't need to hear it, okay? Avery: You think I'm carrying out some sort of old grudge against Nick? Charlie: Everyone knows you were in love with her, so of course you're going to blow up every flaw he had. You didn't want to believe that he belonged with her. Avery: That's not it. Charlie: You're just trying to get back at him. Avery: That's not even close, Charlie. Because there's so much worse that I could have told her.

    • Avery: Claudia, please. I really don't-- Claudia: No! Because I know what you're doing. You're trying to protect me. But're not. Avery: How does it help you to think bad things about your father? Claudia: I don't want to think bad things, Avery. I want to think good things, but I can't, because whenever I try...whenever I remember him posing us for one of those stupid Christmas cards, as a human pyramid or seems fake, like I'm remembering something the way he wanted me to, but not how it really was. Avery: He drank too much, Claudia. What more do you need to know? Claudia: I want to know what he was like. What he was really like.

    • Charlie: I'm sorry, Claud. I shouldn't have yelled at you. But I don't get it. I don't get why you're so mad at him. Claudia: Because of what he did to us. Charlie: But what did he do to you, really? Because he didn't make Bailey drink. I know you think he did, but-- Claudia: Yes, he did. He gave him his problem. Charlie: No, Claud. Even if he did get the alcoholism from him, Dad couldn't help that, any more than Mom could help giving you her music. Claudia: Maybe not, but…he could help what he did to her. He could help being a bad husband and a bad father. Charlie: He wasn't Claud. He quit drinking. He made himself better, and the guy he was after that, you loved him. You thought he was a great father. Claudia: I don't care. I don't think that anymore. Charlie: You know, I've made a lot of mistakes, too, stuff that's hurt this family, and I tell myself that you need to screw up before you can learn, you know? Maybe you've got to be a lousy person before you can be a good one. And Owen, I mean…what if someday, Owen looks at me the way you're looking at Dad? Because if he does, there's no reason he won't decide to hate me. Claudia: You're different, Charlie. The stuff you did, it's just not the same thing. Charlie: Yes, it is. It's exactly the same. He was a good father, Claud, and if he was still around, he'd be a good father now. (long silence) Claudia? Claudia: Is Bailey gonna be okay? Charlie: I hope so. But I don't know.

    • Charlie: Just stay away from Owen, you hear me? You can wreck your own life, but you're not gonna hurt him. Bailey: He's my brother! Charlie: No, he's not!

    • Bailey: Who's your favorite brother? (Owen doesn't answer) Bailey, stupid! Owen: Bailey, stupid! Bailey: Okay, we're gonna have to work on that one.

    Allusions (1)

    • The song This Woman's Work, sung by Kate Bush, is used at the very end of Charlie and Claudia's heartfelt scene together, as well as when Bailey goes in to see an injured Sarah at the hospital. Interestingly, this song was also used in a hospital scene for a Season 10 episode of the long-running family drama 7th Heaven.

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