Party of Five


Season 1, Ep 10, Aired 11/14/94
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  • Episode Description
  • The Salinger siblings finally meet the Walter Alcott, the drunk driver who killed their parents. Walter Alcott wants to see the Salingers in person. They all talk privately with Walter. Bailey wants Walter to suffer like they have. He later leaves and shows up at Kate's house, where they reconcile. Julia assures Walter that she can forgive him.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Amy Lippman

  • Christopher Keyser

  • Michael Engler

  • John Rubinstein

    Walter Alcott

  • Kelli Williams

    Annie Alcott

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • A very, very sad, touching episode.

    By hottienms, May 23, 2006

  • The Salingers meet Walter Alcott, the drunk driver who killed their parents, in a very intense episode.

    By Sharbysyd, Sep 22, 2005

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    • Walter: I understand. Bailey: I don't think you can. I really don't think that there's any way that you can possibly understand. Walter: You don't want to hear anything I have to say, do you? Bailey: No, I sure don't. Walter: Okay, then. Bailey: I want to know what you know about them. About my parents. Walter: Well, uh...I know their names. I know your mother was, uh, 45, and your father was...48. Bailey: 47. Besides that. Walter: He owned a restaurant. She was...a musician. A violinist. Bailey: I mean the important stuff. She had hair all the way down her back. Did you know that? Beautiful dark hair my father wouldn't let her cut. They were married 26 years last January, and my dad would still come home in the afternoon and claim he had a headache, and he and my mom would go upstairs, and we all knew what they were doing. They loved each other. They were in love. My sister asks me questions that I can't answer because I don't know. Like, like why didn't he wear a watch? Or, or what was that song she used to sing to us when we were little and had fevers? And Owen. God, he won't even know to ask. There's just gonna be pictures on the piano and stories that we all tell that everyone remembers a little differently. And he's gonna walk soon, my brother. He's a couple weeks away, and they're not gonna see it because of you! Because you had a few drinks, and you got in your car, and you went through that intersection, and you killed them! Walter: What can I do? What do you want me to do? Bailey: I want you to step on your damn brake and stop at that red light! Walter: So do I, but I can't. I can't take it back. So what I have to do is figure out a way to go forward. Bailey: I don't want you to get past this. I can't. Why should you? See, I want to hurt you. I want to take something from you. Something that is so much a part of you that you don't know who you are without it, and I want you to spend the rest of your life knowing that's what you did to us. And I want to make sure you never forget.

    • Charlie: (when Joe invites him and his siblings over for Thanksgiving) Look, we've had other invitations from Joe. Bay's friend Will. We just don't feel like it. Joe: Charlie, there are gonna be other holidays without them. Are you gonna skip those, too? Charlie: Look, we just need to get through this one, okay? It's easier that way for everyone. Joe: I know this guy coming back shakes up everybody, and it brings up things that nobody wants to deal with, but you make a meal, you sit down as a family. It's like saying "Life goes on". Charlie: We say that every day, Joe, without the turkey.

    • Bailey: (about Walter Alcott) He's got his life back. I mean, he's working. I don't know. He can go to dinner, or see a movie, or take his family somewhere. Emmett: You really think that, Bay? I don't. Bailey: Well, I don't want to take the chance. I mean, he was in jail for nine months. Nine months! That's four and a half months for each of my parents! And good behavior. What is that about, huh? What did he do? Cure cancer? I want him to pay for what he did, and if it can't be with more jail time, then I want him to pay out of his own pocket! Emmett: You want to sue? Bailey: Can we? Emmett: Well, yes, technically. You could file a civil suit against him. Bailey: Then let's, then let's do it. Let's sue the bastard for every cent he's got. Emmett: And you think that a lawsuit's only gonna make his life miserable? What about yours? You know how long these things can take? What with depositions and continuances and's years, Bailey. Bailey: I don't care. Emmett: You don't care, but what about the others? What about Claudia or Owen? What about Owen, Bailey? Because by the time this thing is over, he's gonna be old enough to understand. Bailey: Yeah, well, at least he'll see me doing something. Emmett: But doing what? Let's say you lose. What was it all for? Bailey: Well, let's say we win. Emmett: Fine, let's say that. You win. What has it changed? Exactly what have you won? You take something on like this, and it becomes your life. Bailey: It is my life.

    • Julia: (collecting items of hers that Claudia has taken without permission) My thesaurus, my hoop earrings. My sporta bra? Claudia: Hey, a girl can dream. Julia: What are you, a kleptomaniac? Claudia: Don't use language like that with me. I'm eleven! Julia: Claudia, a kleptomaniac is someone who steals things. Claudia: I didn't steal. I borrowed. Julia: You stole! Claudia: Would you have let me take them if I had asked you nicely? Julia: No. Claudia: See? I had no choice. You drove me to it! Julia: My floppy hat. Claudia, I am sick of this! I wanted to wear this three times last week! Claudia: Personally, I don't think it does very much for you.

    • Julia: (as siblings are discussing whether or not to meet Walter): I think it would be good for us. Bailey: Oh, that's a load of crap! He can shove his apology, it doesn't do me any good! Claudia: Bailey, why are you being so mean?

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