Party of Five

...That Ends Well (2)

Season 6, Ep 24, Aired 5/3/00
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  • In the series finale, Kirsten and Charlie find out that they are having a baby boy. Claudia and Bailey exchange their good news to each other. Julia wants to surprise the family with her news at the restaurant. At dinner, everyone announces that they all will be leaving San Francisco, but it results into a problem. Charlie convinces his siblings to leave San Francisco. And after six years alone without their parents, the Salingers decide to sell their family house.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Amy Lippman

  • Christopher Keyser

  • Ken Topolsky

  • Jerry Sroka

    Kirsten's doctor

  • Jeffrey Corbett


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    • Julia: (about her and her siblings calling each other on the phone) Same time every week, so that no matter where we are or what we're doing, we connect. Bailey: Yeah. And everyone comes home for Christmas. Julia: And Easter. Bailey: And Owen's birthday. Claudia: What about when the baby's born? Bailey: We come home for that. Julia: Yeah. The important stuff, we always come home for. That will just be understood.

    • Charlie: Look, uh, I do this thing. After all these years, it's kind of a reflex, where I ask myself what they would do, what answer they would have if three of their kids came to them with a good reason to leave. A great opportunity that was gonna take them far away. What would they say? And, uh, they'd say "Go". You should go, the three of you. Claudia: No, they wouldn't. They would want us to stay together. Bailey: We talked about this already. We can't all leave. Julia: It's too much, all three of us. Claudia: And they wouldn't want that. I know they wouldn't. Charlie: Claudia, if they were alive, we all would have left years ago. Claudia: You don't know that. Charlie: Oh, come on. I mean, Bailey and Julia would have been out that door at 18, and you would have gone off to college without even a look back. And none of us would know Owen, and...I'd barely know any of you, and none of you would known me. I would have been out of the house for so long. I mean, maybe we'd catch up once a year at a birthday party, or Christmas morning, but we'd be off living separate lives, and that wouldn't be a tragedy. It would just be how it was meant to be. (pauses) Look, the truth is...we've stayed together so much longer than most families. We've taken care of each other so much longer,'s gotta be okay to take care of ourselves now. Julia: It's,'s hard to imagine all of us in different places. Charlie: It's gonna happen eventually. Bay? Bailey: I don't know, man. This works for us, staying close. I don't think we should mess up that. Charlie: For how long? Forever? I mean, we're not children anymore. We were then. I mean, even me, at 24, I was...lost and terrified, and none of us knew how to get through it, except to stay together. That was our lifeboat, each other, and we just got in and hung on so tightly. That's how we made it. But now it's six years later, and I mean, we all want good things for each other. We all want each other to have the best possible chance at being happy. We love each other. Doesn't that mean we got it right? I mean, doesn't it? Julia: Yeah. Charlie: But not if we believe that we're only a family if we're close enough to touch. I mean, if that's what we're left with, then we've...we've failed. I mean, we've survived so much more than distance. Distance is nothing. You should go.

    • Bailey: (about attending college closer to home) I can't let you do that. Claudia: It's not your decision, Bailey. It's mine. Bailey: Yeah, but you want to go to Juillard, Claudia. I just sat across from you at lunch yesterday! Claudia: Yeah. So? Maybe that's not where I'm meant to be. Maybe the greatest teacher I'll ever have is sitting in a classroom at Stanford right now. Maybe my closest lifelong friend just got her acceptance there, too. You never know. Bailey: Is that really what you think? That it doesn't matter where you go? Your first choice, your second choice? Claudia: I don't know. (pauses) Here's the thing, Bailey. For the last six years, it's been pretty much a one-way street, with you taking care of me. Bailey: No. That's not true. It went both ways. We're even, Claud. Claudia: Not even close. You and Charlie and Julia stayed here and kept us together, for me and for Owen. You were sixteen, younger than I am now, and you did all that for me. Now it's my turn.

    Notes (3)

    • The song that plays at the end is "Bookends" by Simon and Garfunkel.

    • 'For Six Great Seasons, one show has redefined the family drama.' 'THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!'

    • Scott Grimes (Will McCorkle) does not appear in this episode, although he is featured in the opening credits.

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    • Episode Title: "All's Well... That Ends Well" The title for the two part series finale comes from a popular saying.

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