Ep. #1256

Season 5, Ep 240, Aired 6/8/04
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  • Episode Description
  • Although Theresa swore to Whitney she would confess the truth to Fox and be honest with at least one of the men in her life, she just can't do it. She tells Fox that they need to break up because she just can't handle this right now, but maybe someday they can get back together. Fox heads into the kitchen to talk to Chad while Whitney heads out to Theresa, and he tells Chad he's lucky to have a girlfriend like Whitney, who's not only beautiful, but honest and loyal as well. Sheridan remembers that in the past, Patience's father shot and killed Harry, and vows not to let that happen again. She flags down Hank and Antonio, and when Antonio gives her the option between sending Luis to prison or shooting him for his crimes, Sheridan decides to press charges. Tabitha tries to manipulate Charity into leaving town, saying she is responsible for Kay nearly dying, and lies to her, telling her about how happy Kay and Miguel were together before she showed up.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Leigh Taylor-Young

    Katherine Barrett Crane [AKA. Ellen Wheeler] (05/14/04-)

  • Rodney Van Johnson

    Thornton Chandler Russell (07/05/99-)

  • Kathleen Noone

    Edna Wallace (01/27/03-08/30/04; recurring otherwise)

  • Alisa Reyes

    Sydney Valentine (07/22/03-9/24/03)

  • Liza Huber

    Gwen Hotchkiss Winthrop (#1) (07/05/99-11/08/00; 10/16/02-)

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    • (Ivy tries to talk Liz out of exposing Eve.) Ivy: Don't laugh at me, Liz. Liz: Oh, but it is so funny, in a tragic, kind of desperate kind of way. And here you are, the former Mrs. Julian Crane, begging a poor, little, small-town girl like me. It is funny, Ivy. Ivy: I'm not begging you, Liz. I am offering you whatever you want to not blow the whistle on eve. Liz: Yeah, and to keep you in clover to boot. Ivy: Yes. Liz: Sorry, Ivy. There is nothing you have that I want more than revenge on Eve. She left me to suffer, and I want her to feel the same pain and humiliation that I felt when I was being molested. I want her to feel hopelessness and despair. I want Eve to be rejected by everyone, shunned by her daughters, and dumped by her husband. And if my sister decides to take you down with her, it's no skin off my nose. Good night, Ivy. Sweet dreams. (Liz walks out the door.) Ivy: Oy. Eve was right. Liz is a bitch.

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