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  • Jessica Bennett: (After hearing who Kay's crush is and how she wants Miguel to fall in love with her) He'd have to be out of his mind!

  • Ethan Crane: (To Theresa at the Burger Hut) You're an accident waiting to happen, I'm out of here!

  • Timmy: (To the kid poking him in the arm) Get out of here kid, or Timmy's going to turn you into a frog!

  • Fr. Lonigan: (After the Angel statue came to life) A light! A light when all I've seen for years is darkness!

  • Robert Horry: Has anyone ever told you to think before you talk? Sheridan: A few times...

  • Hank: Robert Horry of the Lakers! Luis: (About how Sheridan became a good basketball) Oh, so that's how she did it!

  • (Ivy opens the door and it's Mike. Sheridan's bodyguard.) Mike: "You wanted to see me, Mrs. Crane?" Ivy: "Oh, Mike, yes, yes, yes. I am so glad you were free to help me." Mike: "Well, I was guarding Miss Sheridan, but she wanted to have a couple of days alone." Ivy: "Good. Because I am sure that I need you much, much more. You are discreet, and you're dependable, and you've handled some delicate matters for the family before." Mike: "I'm at your service, Ma'am." Ivy: "Great. I need -- a bunch of cocaine." Mike: "Excuse me?" Ivy: "It's not for me. But it doesn't matter who it is for. Anyway, I'm sure you have people who can do that kind of thing." Mike: "I have connections, but getting it won't be easy." Ivy: "I don't care. Just do it, all right? I have no idea what the going rate for cocaine is, but I'm sure that this will be sufficient." Mike: "What do you want me to do with the coke when I get it?" Ivy: "I want you to meet me in front of the police station. I'll take it from there. Don't just stand there. Go, go, go! Please, time is of the essence." (Mike leaves and Ivy looks at her locket with Sam's picture in it) Ivy: "Oh, Sam. I am not about to lose you now."

  • (While eavesdropping on Ethan and Gwen together.) Theresa: You bitch. I should pull your blonde hair out by it's black roots and choke you with it!

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Notes (182)

  • As Sheridan walks the streets of Paris, English Rose by Elton John plays in the background.

  • Introduction scenes: Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, Sam Bennett, Grace Bennett, Kay Bennett, Jessica Bennett, Ethan Crane, Gwen Hotchkiss, T.C. Russell, Eve Russell, Whitney Russell, Simone Russell, Sheridan Crane, and the little angel girl.

  • Introduction scenes: Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald and Tabitha Lenox.

  • Introduction scenes: Jean Luc Moulin, Mimi, Julian Crane, and Ivy Winthrop Crane.

  • Introduction scenes: Timmy.

  • Introduction scenes: Faith.

  • Introduction scene: Charity Standish.

  • Bruce Michael Hall first airs in the recurring role of Reese Durkee.

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Trivia (55)

  • Gwen and Ethan were caught making love at the Dunes, one of Harmony's famous make-out places apparently.

  • When Sheridan had her car accident in the tunnel, she had previously said that Princess Diana had had a car accident in the same tunnel.

  • This episode makes reference to a drinking problem in Sheridan's past.

  • This is the first episode in which Ivy mentions that she and Julian have four children.

  • In this episode, Pilar mentions that her husband Martin and son Antonio are not around Harmony.

  • In this episode, we learn that Sheridan played lacrosse in Boarding School.

  • Tabitha states that someone will die on 1 January 2000, the 'first day of the twenty-first century'. The first day of the twenty-first century was 1 January 2001.

  • Julian and Rebecca are married by a judge in this episode. At the time of the ceremony, Julian believed he was a single man, but in reality, Theresa had falsified the annulment papers, meaning their marriage was still legal. That invalidated Julian's wedding to Rebecca, but once it was discovered that Theresa and Julian were never legally married, it meant that he and Rebecca were. But even though Julian and Rebecca's marriage in this episode would technically have been legal, this marriage was never referenced on screen. Not even after it was later on revealed that Theresa was not legally married to Julian.

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Allusions (25)

  • Rebecca: I will stay here and watch the last episode of Friends.
    The NBC series Friends ended a ten-year run on NBC on Thursday, May 6. Ratings estimate that 52.25 million people watched the final episode.

  • In what is basically a knock-off of Pirates of the Caribbean, Sheridan and Luis experience a past life as pirate Harry and his beloved Patience who are on the run from her betrothed. Christopher Douglas plays the role of the betrothed, but as has already been stated, he did not factor into their romantic lives until 1912 and the Titanic past life. There is no reason for him to be playing the part of the colonial gentleman, as he played no part in Sheridan and Luis's numerous past lives before the 1900s.

  • T.C.: Irma, I don't know where the hell you get these crazy accusations about Eve. Having a baby with another man. Maybe because you watch all those crazy soap operas. The one that comes on after Days of Our Lives, that's totally unbelievable.
    This is a blatant self-reference to Passions, which comes on after Days of Our Lives.

  • Fox Crane: That's right -- Fox Crane, playboy of the western world, is in love. Somebody call Liz Smith, right? The tabloids will have a field day with this one.
    Liz Smith is a well-known gossip columnist with the New York Post.

  • Tabitha: Really? Oh, you are a naughty little demon. Well, do you mean like what happened last year at Thanksgiving in that little town in the midwest -- salem, I believe? Well, what's in that monstrosity?
    Tabitha is refering to the pinata. In Days of Our Lives, a dead body was stuffed into a pinata.

  • PLOT DEVICE: Endora enchants a sheet to use as an invisibility cloak.
    Tabitha begs her daughter to enchant a sheet to make them invisible when they cover themselves with it. This is well-known from the Harry Potter series, where young Harry frequently dons an invisibility cloak to keep from being seen.

  • Mrs. Wallace: Well, you know what? That sounds like what's happening on one of my soaps. You know, the one right after Days.
    This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the show itself. Days of our Lives and Passions are both products of NBC, and Passions airs right after Days.

  • Kay Bennett: He's going to get tired of working as a gardener to help for Maria's support.
    Jesse Metcalfe, who portrayed the role of Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald since the show's inception, left once his five-year contract was up in the summer of 2004. He now appears on Desperate Housewives in the role of John Rowland ... a gardener.

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