Peace Maker Kurogane


Season 1, Ep 10, Aired 12/9/03
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  • Episode Description
  • This is the same time line as episode 9, so Tetsunosuke and Tatsunosuke are still out on the errand for Hijikata. Yamanami watches Hijikata as he trains himself. Yamanami apologizes to Hijikata for opposing him all the time and wanted to be demoted to an accountant. Even though he held the highest martial arts rank, he said that after the incident with Serizawa Kamo (He was the Chief of the Shinsengumi until he was ordered to be assassinated. Read the history section for more details), his sword became rusted. Hijikata argued that him, Souji, and Kondo all had a part in the incident and their sword didn't become rusted. It is because Yamanami didn't want to do it in the first place; Hijikata forces him to draw his sword and insists that he can kill again. Yamanami became angry and threw his sword down, he opposes the way Hijikata run things, and anything that gets in the way gets killed. He doesn't want to be manipulated by Hijikata anymore. The scene flashes back to the night they assassinated Kamo, even at that time Yamanami questioned the decision to kill Kamo. Hijikata's reasoning's as black and white as ever, you use a person when the person is useful, if the person gets in the way and you kill him. Tetsunosuke and Tatsunosuke came back from their errand and brought back Hijikata's parcel. Tetsunosuke wanted to know what's in the box but Hijikata wouldn't tell him. Later Souji walked into the room and found out that Hijikata's making medicine for fatigue since he uses to be a medicine salesperson. The mysterious person who raised the dead in episode 4 is named Furube. He apparently serves a master but in reality is manipulating him. He summoned a Hikagami and sent him to the Shijyo River. Back at the Shinsengumi Headquarters, while Souji tried Hijikata's medicine, a soldier reported that roshis attacked one of the Shinsengumi squads by the Shijyo River. Hijikata and Souji went to investigate. Yamanami went with Saitou. Hijikata and Souji fell into the magic of Furube and couldn't move as the Hikagami attacked them. Yamanami tried to save them but got brushed aside. Saitou detected that Furube was controlling the Hikagami and attacked him instead. Furube retreated with the Hikagami. Saitou guess that Furube is a master of Mikkyou techniques, which are esoteric Buddhist spiritual teachings. So the Hikagami is not a ghost, but a man. Furube took control of the weakest part in his mind after confusing him. Yamanami said that if that should happen to him, Hijikata need to kill him without hesitation.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kappei Yamaguchi

    Shinpachi Nagakura

  • Yuko Nagashima

    Ayumu Yamazaki

  • Yuji Ueda

    Tatsunosuke Ichimura

  • Yuka Imai

    Suzu Kitamura

  • Takahiro Sakurai

    Suzumu Yamazaki

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