Peace Maker Kurogane

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  • 6.0

    A strange show that is not as good as it thinks that it is.

    By drdan2410, Jan 30, 2009

    The show tells the story of various historical events related to the Shinsengumi throughout the meji Revolution through the eyes of a young boy named Tetsunosuke Ichimura. Ichimura wants desperately to join their ranks and take revenge for his parents and the show tells the story of how he struggles to forgo his conscience and become one of them.

    This show tries to be very clever and very thoguth provoking but never quite manages it. The plot is OK, the animation is OK and the characters are OK. Which pretty much sums it up this show is OK but nothing more.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Begins in 19th century Japan while the seeds of the revolution are being planted. The story focuses on a boy, Ichimura Tetsunosuke, who joins the Shinsengumi as Hijikata **** page seeking to become strong enough to avenge the deaths of his parents.

    By firearrow92, Jul 29, 2007

    The story is focused on the main character, Ichimura Tetsunosuke, an energetic, short, and very childlike 15 year old. Sadly, he and his older brother are left to fend for themselves after the vicious murder of their parents. While Tetsunosuke wants to get revenge, his pacifist brother is not so inclined. Interestingly, the story develops when they take refuge working defined jobs in a special police force called the Shinsengumi, where his brother is an accountant and he is a servant to one of the groups leaders. While there, Tetsunosuke will attempt to get stronger in order to take the revenge he so desires, but he will be confronted by the hardships that are involved with becoming that powerful. The anime is also focused on the characters that make up the legendary Shinsengumi and the interaction and conflict they have with one another. For the history buffs, there are accurate themes that resound with Japanese history to a slight degree.moreless

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  • 10

    Simply one of the best animes out there.

    By Kokuei_hayashi, Feb 18, 2006

    Peace Maker is simply one of the greatest animes out there, and thus for many reasons. Not only does it truly represent the fierce battle between the two forces (Bakufu and Choshu), but it does so in a way no anime has ever been able to do before. We see that there are no real bad guys, only two clans with different ideas. The story is pretty neat, the violence is not exagerated at all and the humor is somewhat present. The music is great, the characters cool and very representative. The slow pace of the story might somewhat dissuade some viewers who are used to fast paced animes such as Gundam Seed where something new and big happens every 5 minutes. However in Peace Maker, the story is so deep and touching that even though there aren't that much events at the beginning, you simply get to appreciate them more. Peace Maker is a must see for anyone who loves anime about feudal Japan and the revolution.moreless

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  • 5.0

    In a vast sea of samurai animes, Peace Maker does nothing to stand out from the crowd.

    By MikeBFire, Aug 11, 2005

    It's the typical saumrai plot, right? Boy sees his parents slautered, boy sacrifices his soul to get revenge. This rash, young kid wants nothing more than to get back at the people who murdered his family. So he joins a group of people who tell him that if he wants to be strong, he has to loose his humanity. Well, it seems he doesn't want to, and he throws his temper around and hates violence and is against killing for any reason. There's really nothing special about this show that makes it better than any other except for the great animation.moreless

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