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  • Finch: She's a petite woman, with long black hair. From carpet imprints I can tell she wears a size five shoe. She likes exotic, oiled-based perfume... Stone: ...and her name is Tammy Chang. Finch: How do you know? Stone: I use an old information gathering technique of my own. Finch: Which one? Stone: Gossip.

  • Luci: (about her cathouse) In my business you learn real quick that being in love with your wife has nothing to do with comin' in here.

  • Stone: Hey, Luce, do you mind if we talk some business? Luci: Yours, or mine? Stone: Well, mine. For now.

  • Finch: Rest assured, I don't want your job. I've no intention of wasting my life in a one-horse town like this.

  • Mrs. Wannamaker: What is this? Stone: Oh, this is the end, ma'am. You're under arrest for the murder of your husband and Mr. Ling.

  • Stone: I'm in no mood to kill you tonight.

  • Finch: (over the phone) I need you to come to the lab right away. I have some new information. Stone: And? Finch: ...and I'd rather not use the phone. Stone: But that's what these are for!

  • Hansen: You should know as well as anyone, that this world is founded on laws, and Indians don't understand that. Stone: What do you mean, the white man's law? Hansen: No, I mean God's law. You and I were there. You heard Lincoln say it. "One nation under God." Stone: Yeah, I was there, Will. But I think I heard a different speech.

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  • Although the mayor is having two Coca-Cola billboards put up in the episode (in 1882), the beverage was not invented until 1886 in Atlanta, Ga.

  • Finch: Smokeless powder - a cellulose nitrate compound developed by Alfred Nobel. Finch is correctly describing what eventually became known as cordite, but it wasn't invented until 1887, five years after this episode is set.