Peak Practice

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  • JACK: We could do with a filing system that works BETH: Oh, so you've met Kim then?

  • BETH: You remind me of a spaniel we once had - had to have it put down

  • JACK: All I want is a chance to practice medicene the way I've always done it. For the benefit of the patient, not the wallet of the doctor

  • BETH: He mends roads - he doesn't do internals on elderly virgins

  • BETH: If you're Kerruish - you're late

  • ALICE: Two hours I was here last week - two hours KIM: We'll try and get you seen that quickly again then Alice

  • JACK: That's it then. Last clinic. Last patient.

  • WILL: He came here, saw a lonely, vulnerable single senior partner and he set about making this place his own, and if you can't see it Beth I can BETH: You mean Sarah can

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  • In one of the scenes after Joanna has operated on Dave she has blood all over her gloves, the scene changes and gloves are predominantly clean, then the shot changes and they are covered in blood again.