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    Good show if you give it a chance

    By mmbrjon, Nov 29, 2012

    I used to not like this show, but then I watched an entire episode and was hooked immediately. I like the characters' internal monologues. Jeremy's thoughts in particular are often outrageous. In one episode he reckons he could sexually interfere with his unconscious friend, Mark. He rejects the idea, but only to conclude that he could do it if he wanted to.

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    Not so cool.

    By da_dunker, Oct 14, 2010

    The running commentary of the voices in these guys heads makes this series more dynamic and less banal than The Office, to which some comparison has been made due to the office job of the uptight, self-tormenting guy, Mark. His roommate is a layabout free spirit wannabe musician named Jez. Their relationship is not quite as stereotyped as an Oscar & Felix, but they are both still somewhat misfit outsiders hanging together.

    This show has a lot of energy and edginess -like a slightly less gutter-psychotic, more upscale Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! in a sort of Sex Pistols vs Oasis/Blur way. The character are also more sympathetic than those of the Office or Black Books for instance -due to a great deal to the way our Boys minute by minute hopes and fears are articulated.

    There is nearly always chaos, torment, madness or complete boredom around each corner -like the non sequiter appearances and conversation of Jez's putative bandmate and the local kids who harass Mark at inopportune times and call him a 'peedo' -a pedophile.

    There have been some great TV shows about silly people doing silly things -like AliG, Goodness Gracious Me!, The Amazing Boosh, Red Dwarf, Black Adder, Fawlty Towers, Reginald Perrin and the Trailer Park Boys, and I think that Peep Show will end up right up there among them as a fondly remembered comedy classic.

    Just as American TV has had a bit of a comedy revival of late with Arrested Development (RIP) and My Name is Earl, the same could be said of Britcoms thanks to clever shows like Peep Show with its unique POV and its sympathetic and (semi)realistic characters.moreless

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    Best British Comedy of the decade

    By efc91, Apr 24, 2010

    Peep Show follows the often sexually-frustrated lives of two men in their late twenties, Mark (Mitchell) and Jeremy (Webb). Having met while at the fictional Dartmouth University together (they occasionally refer to themselves as 'The El Dude Brothers' in reference to their student days), they now share a flat in Croydon, south London.

    Mark is a loan manager and the more financially successful of the two, but is extremely uncomfortable socially and pessimistic about nearly everything. Jeremy, who at the start of the first episode has recently split up with his girlfriend 'Big Suze', now rents Mark's spare room. He usually has a much more optimistic and energetic outlook on the world than Mark, yet his talent as a musician is yet to be recognised, and he is not as socially popular or sexually attractive as he would like to think.

    this is a great modern british comedy but i think its about time they stop the show soon after the fifth series it is just too much, I do love this show though it has some great characters.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Great take on the good old odd couple formula.

    By mrsfleeshman, Dec 29, 2008

    Peep Show is completely unique in the way that it is filmed. I like the fact that it is shot POV as it makes the audience more involved with the characters. Also, hearing what is going on inside the character's heads expands them. Sometimes the funniest lines come when it is the thoughts that we are hearing rather than actual spoken words. Mark and Jeremy work really well together in that they are completely different, yet obviously care about each other and get on really well. The fact that Mitchell and Webb play them really helps as we get to see genuine chemistry which is not something which happens normally.

    Peep Show is laugh-out-loud funny as well as sometimes playing on emotional themes, before making you laugh all over again!

    Love it!moreless

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  • 9.6

    Pure dead Brilliant

    By Hoopskidoodle, Sep 06, 2008

    Peep Show is a hilarious comedy about two social misfits sharing a flat in what appears to be a council estate (that's British for the projects.) Mark is a nebbishy bean counter bean working in the financial industry. Jez is his ne'r-do-well flatmate. They met in college, where they unilaterally dubbed themselves the "El Dude Brothers." The writing on the show is witty beyond anything to be found on American television. It's also a lot more daring than all except HBO and Showtime productions. For instance, in one episode Jez realizes that he has done something bad while in a drug induced stupor. He spends the entire show believing that one after another of the awful insensitive things that he is typically given to doing is the bad thing. Only at the end does he realize that the "bad thing" is and he swapped blowjobs with his even more transgressive friend, Super Hans. A guy calling himself Super Hans is reason enough to watch the show in and of itself.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Very unique and funny.

    By dunners88, May 26, 2008

    This show follows Mark and Jez, two young men living in London. Its quirky and requires a certain taste. Very english. Season 4 was hard to follow, as it was very outrageous. so far seaon 5 has lived up to it and i how this will continue. Mark is possibly one of the funnest most awkward characters that has graced our screens. Jez is equally funny, however is slightly more cool, (as he likes to think). He is constantly annoying Mark and is not the ideal house mate. Thank you for reading my review. I hope you enjoy the show.moreless

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  • 9.3

    We follow, very intimately, the lives of two late-twenty-somethings, battling the ups and downs of early working (and social) life. Hilarious, completely unpredictable writing, always leaves you waiting in suspense for the next twist.

    By Frisbee21, Jan 21, 2008

    This show is such a breath of fresh air. Amazing, typically British humour - with a few cringe-worthy situations forced between the laughter. Its as close to real-life as you could get, but zealously mad in the same instance. Don't be offended by the language or the crude references to sex and drugs. The lead characters are both intensely refreshing, and deeply complicated at the same time; yet you feel you can relate them personally. The ideal suggestion is to get comfortable and watch a whole season in one go, because it is almost torture to have to wait a week inbetween episodes! Peep Show does cater for a specific sense of humour, so if you don't get it, you will hate it. Ideal for 18 - 35 year olds ;).moreless

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  • 9.8

    The very very best

    By Sim66, Aug 23, 2006

    This show is amazing. Episode for episode it is the funniest thing on tv. EVER. I mean that. Peep show tells the story of mark and jez who are two thirty somethings who share a flat. This programme is so funny that you end up missing half of it because your laughing so much. It is a piece of tv gold and if you are reading this and you havn't seen it before then i urge you to pleeeeeease give it a chance. The show is just so brilliantly written and acted that it should come with a health warningmoreless

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  • 6.7

    A show that has a new concept and works it well.

    By jameswilson245, Feb 24, 2006

    A show that has a new concept and works it well.

    For anyone who hasnt watched the show give it a try its pretty good although i have only watched the thrid season and have not seen anything of the first or second season so i dont know if there any good.

    My favourite character has got to be mark, without a doubt he is the funniest character and to be honest jeremy annoys me a little.

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