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  • (Gram-Gram is selling merchandise with the horse in a wheelchair picture on it) Gram-Gram: USE THE WHOOPEE CUSHION ON THE WINDCHIMES! (makes a beautiful, yet rude noise)

  • (Gram-Gram is sitting in a banana weigher) Gram-Gram (outraged) 396 pounds!? Oh this thing is rigged, bogus, whack!! I want my money back and all the Prunes I can swallow! (suddenly the weigher breaks and she falls into the Banana Bin)

  • Pelswick: ("Complimenting" boyd) You smell way, way, way better than a rhinos butt Rhino: I resent that

  • Gram-Gram:(diving in the lobster tank) This isn't a lobster, it's a skinny crab! I demand a discount on plums!

  • Boyd: Uh...I need time to think. Pelswick: No Boyd, unfortunately you need a brain to think.

  • Kate: I know I seem way too old and sophisticated for this, but I'm gonna run to Daddy for protection now...DADDY! HELP! (Thanks to missthang for this quote)

  • Julie: We are so close, we can almost feel their butt-wag breeze!

  • Mr. Jimmy: You thought Kate was The Crusher?! She's seven years old!

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Notes (8)

  • Two voices for this show also did voices for the last two Super Mario cartoons. Tony Rosato (Quentin Eggert) was the voice of Mario, and Tracey Moore (Kate Eggert) was Princess Toadstool.

  • Bobby says 2 words this time: "Where gram-gram?"

  • If you look hard, you can see Mr. Jimmy's face on the side of the bus Goon gets stuck on.

  • Originally announced for 4 Dec 00.

  • Ace is not shown in this episode.

  • Pelswick's Rival Station was called KBULLY.

  • The radio station was called WHEEL radio.

  • At the school's 75th anniversary party, there are several large signs prominently featuring the roman numerals "LLXV". In fact, 75 in roman numerals would read "LXXV".

Trivia (15)

  • Pelswick lives with his Father Quentin, his grandmother Gram-Gram, his little sister Kate, and his little brother Bobby.

  • Kate takes a picture when Julie lands face first onto some grass. But when she shows the picture to Sandra, Julie seems to have landed on blacktop asphalt.

  • When Kate gives Pelswick some brown gloop for dinner, it doesn't have a carrot in it like everyone else's. But when we see Pelswick's gloop again, it contains a carrot.

  • - In a scene, Pelswick's grandma pulls up next to the runaway speeding wheelchair that Pelswick and Boyd are on. She asks Boyd how tall he is, and Boyd replies that he is 5'10". Grandma then proceeds to tell Pelswick to look for a 5'9" clearance (implying that Boyd would get knocked off). However, Boyd is crouching awkwardly on the battery pack behind Pelswick, so his height can't be an exact 5'10". - Oh yeah, if the battery pack is "red hot" (Boyd's quote), then how come the soles of Boyd's boots didn't even melt or smoke while he was standing on it for such a long time? --A viewer.

  • Ramona Manns wrote in to mention that when Nick and Joe are choking on some glue, you can see a bowl of glue in the background -- but when they fall to the ground, the bowl of glue disappears.

  • When Pelswick tells his friends where his family is, his wheelchair battery is white. But when Ace cleans it, the battery is black.

  • When Pelswick remembers Carsden Warner saying "Replace him!", the sound of Warner's voice is different from how it originally was heard.

  • Quentin is revealed to ironically have "standards" of how politically correct a person can be in "Speak No Evil, PC No Evil." However, the camp founders shown here are much more PC than Spagna ever was and Quentin does not care.

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Allusions (12)

  • The Brain Suckers of Skuldeth 5 game is very reminiscent of Pokemon, which was an extremely popular game when the episode was written.

  • none: megadirt
    megadirt is an obvious spoof of the 90s rock band megadeath

  • The band's name (N'Talented) is a parody of N'Sync.

  • The title is a reference to the MTV reality show "The Real World".

  • Vice Principal Zeigler: Wrestling Personality
    When Sandra says, "Looks like everybody's got Wrestking Fever," We see Vice Principal Zeigler trying to rap. Obviously, He's imitating WWE Wrestler, John Cena, Who appears on WWE Smackdown every Thursday Night at 8: 00 P.M.

  • Many: Throughout the episode
    The WWWL is a parody of the WWE.

  • Title: Blink And You're At 182
    The episode title is a play on name of the the 90s band 'Blink 182'. (Thanks to NRGKool for pointing this out!)

  • Title: Nursing Home Alone
    The episode title is a pun on the 'Home Alone' movies.

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