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  • Dr. Fleiss: I've done hundreds of circumcisions and I regret every one.

  • Penn: [on smegma] If you don't like that kinda...collection hanging off your d*nger, if it's not the kinda lubrication you want, you just...wash it off with a little soap and water. We're in AMERICA, not some gutter on the poor side of Calcutta! We don't have to wash our c*cks with sand...unless we wanna! Today's soap is soft, it fights bacteria, and smells like spring rain in Ireland...or so we're told. tough do you think it is to get a kid to rub his c*ck in the shower?

  • Griffiths: [on restoring foreskin] It's not painful, I assure you! It's just fine. It looks horrible, huh? Penn: No, just sexy! Hell, hang one on each b*ll and you get one of these great Newtonian motion toys!

  • Penn: So why the F*CK are doctors and hospitals still encouraging circumcisions? Well, a foreskin is cut off...once every 26 seconds. At an average cost of 400 dollars, circumcision is a 400 million dollar a year industry.

  • Penn: We're using d*ck skin for cosmetics? That is so f*cking sexy! It's weird...but it is's weird...but sexy...but weird...but...okay, I rub my d*ck on your face and all the wrinkles disappear. I like that.

  • Penn: Our foreskin funeral got us thinking...what the hell happens to the 1 million foreskins cut off every year. To find out we conducted a 60 Minutes-style thorough investigation...meaning we spent five minutes on it. We called a few hospitals we found in the Yellow Pages.

  • Penn: And yet the Demon Barber of C*ck Street remains unconvinced. To him, an intact foreskin is nothing but a...sweater on a dog! He's even written poetry about it! Dr. Schoen: It's a great work of art/like a statue of Venus/if you're wearing a hat/on the head of your penis. Penn: We have our own world-famous poet...Ron Jeremy! Jeremy: [clears throat] Doc Schoen thinks he's a great doc/as he tirelessly works round the clock./He preaches a tip/and takes only a snip/as he lops off the end of your c*ck.

  • Penn: Here's what the American Academy of Pediatrics actually has to say: "The benefits are not recommend that all infant boys be circumcised", adding "It's the most brutal thing I've ever seen in my life!"...okay, they didn't say that last part, but remember Linda? She did! (cut to prior clip of her saying it)

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  • Jokes you might've missed: As Penn delivers the final monologue, Teller throws a Bible offscreen that ends up impaled on the bull's horn. Near the end of the monologue, he takes the Bible and positions it in front of his pants while a zipping sound is heard...

  • First episode to utilize the prop of a fake black bull with red horns. The prop would be reused at during many future episodes.