Death, Inc.

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  • Penn: It may be hard to admit, but the dead are dead. Nothing you can do will please them. Ashes don't know if they're in a marble urn or an old Starbucks cup! The time to treat people right is when they're alive. A ham sandwich, a soda, and a joke now mean more to your loved ones than a 10,000 dollar coffin after they're dead.

  • Donald: If you're scared to death...of death, you know, you're just gonna sit in your house, underneath the covers and not enjoy anything that life does have to offer. Dark Rose: There are so many things in life that people overlook because they are walking around scared. Just really embrace life, and do what you want to do.

  • Penn: Buying a funeral is a lot like getting a prostitute: if you keep looking, you'll eventually find one who'll do what you want for the price you can afford.

  • Penn: Get this. When you spring for the extra gasket to seal up your casket, the digestive enzymes and bacteria that normally inhabit humans every day...continue their work. Instead of digesting your food, they Your internal organs liquefy. Within two weeks of death, all this digested, bloody goo comes out any opening in your body. The gases inside of your body that don't make it out of your...nose...continue to build up until your body splits open, spilling your mostly digested insides into the coffin. So much for that...extra comfort padding. When the gases build up, well, a casket isn't as structurally sound as say, a champagne bottle, so sometimes, they just explode. So what do you think, worth the extra 300 bucks? We think so!

  • Penn: If you've got too much money, and you feel like you're close to dying...well, hookers is always a good answer.

  • Penn: [on cryonics] Before we totally dismiss the science of...turning humans into popsicles...let's take a serious look at it. Then, and only then, when we have gathered all the relevant facts...will we p*ss all over it.

  • Penn: [on the thicker pillow in a cremation casket] A thicker pillow??? Just in case your loved one isn't all the way dead? He'll want that extra comfort as he's tossed into the FIRE AHHHHH!

  • Penn: [on Dark Rose's bloodsucking] Oh, this is really sexy...I mean creepy...but sexy...and creepy...and well it's really sexy, you know sexy...and creepy.

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  • When describing the card trick in this episode, Penn says that you should bribe your audience if necessary to get them to see the card trick. When he says this, the woman performing the trick is seen to mouth the words "I'll give you a blowjob".

  • The trick involving the Penn and Teller Cenotaph and the map that they show in this episode can also be found in the duo's book "Penn and Teller's How to Play in Traffic" under the name "The Eternal Card Trick".

  • A variant of Bach' "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" can be heard lightly playing in the background while Penn discusses the history of the "living room".

  • The "Bunny in the Chipper-Shredder" bit in the open of this show is one of Penn and Teller's most famous routines during their live show.