Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Eat This!

Season 1, Ep 11, Aired 4/4/03
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  • In this episode, Penn and Teller offer you a new diet-that you don't eat until the show is over. Sounds like bullsh**? Well it is and so are many health products that claim will make you a healthier person and loose weight. Such as the Hollywood diet, where you don't eat anything for 48 hours except for water and the Hollywood diet shake. Penn and Teller take a look into this diet and see one person's weekend on it. Also in this episode, Penn and Teller take a look into the movement to ban genetically engineered food, even though it may produce more food for the poor and may even make it healthier. Special Guest Experts include: Fred Anderson (Dieter) Charles Margulis (Greenpeace Spokesperson) Leah Walton (Regional Organizer, Greenpeace LA) Terri Lomax (Professor of Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University) Robyn Anderson (Dieter) Laura Fraser (Author) Phillip Barnett, MD, PhD (Endocrinologist) Norman Borlaug (Agricultural Scientist, Nobel Prize Winner) Juliano (Raw Foods Chef) Alex Avery (Director of Research and Education, Center for Global Food Issues) Simon Harris (Field Organizer, Organic Consumers Association) Carolyn Katzin (Nutritionist)moreless

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  • One of the most succint arguments made by the entire series.

    By bemanidog, Nov 17, 2006

  • The dieting half is dead on, the GMO part is horribly biased. So it's five for the diet, zero for the rest.

    By freultwah, Jan 22, 2007

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    • Penn: Why is anyone fighting food advance? A very small percentage of the world's population is fortunate enough to have the LUXURY of turning down food. The rest of the world spends most of its time trying to get any know why? Technological problems. They got dirt, they got water, they got sun. They lack the technical ability to till or enrich the soil. They lack the machines to plant enough to feed their families. They lack the HYBRID PLANTS that produce more food per acre. We need to spread all the technology all we can so all people, everywhere, can deal with the PROBLEM of too much food. We can't start getting picky because we've got enough food. That's just self-centered and RACIST! Unless you and yours are starving, you need to SHUT THE F*CK UP!

    • Penn: [on Greenpeace] Hey, it's fine to be anti-government! We sure are! And it's fine to be anti-corporation! But don't try to pass it off as science and compassion.

    • Penn: [on raw fooders] We can't imagine how, but somehow, these folks have forgotten that most people don't have the option of hopping on down to the Piggly Wiggly and bonding with the produce. When the whole WORLD has plenty of food, we'd love to hear this a**hole's advice. But we're certainly not gonna mistake it for information.

    • Raw Fooder: [on feeding people with genetically modified crops] What kind of people would they be? What kind of people would we be creating? You know, you are what you eat! Penn: Well I guess she eats SHALLOW, HATEFUL, SELF-CENTERED, BULLSH**!

    • Penn: [on Juliano] Even if this nut had some odd fruit that had grown wild somewhere, it was delivered to him on a truck! It was kept fresh through refrigeration! He washed it in his sink alongside his lettuce tortilla! Where did that water come from? Ya cut it with a knife, and cleaned it up with a cloth or paper towel! There is NO food or water without technology! None! Just SHUT THE F*CK UP and get a job!

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    Notes (1)

    • The idea of misleading "before and after" photos would later be reexamined in the "Exercise vs. Genetics" episode of Season Two.

    Trivia (2)

    • The footage of the long shelf of diet products was apparently filmed inside a Wal-Mart, as seen by the yellow tags and visual design of a glimpsed overhead sign.

    • Additional pieces of the interview with Juliano can be seen in the deleted scenes on the season one dvd.

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